Brazil Bingo Game for Learning Fun {Free Printable}

Are you getting excited about the Summer Olympics? This Brazil bingo game could be fun!


Brazil is a huge nation – bigger than Europe, and with at least as much diversity. This game is a brief introduction (or review) of some of the basics.

For the free printable, I made 6 unique game cards. If you have more players, you can have multiple winners, or choose the first player who realizes they have bingo – actually “Brazil”!

Brazil Bingo Instructions

I’m assuming you already know the basics of playing bingo. The game cube just adds a little more drama!

  1. Cut out and assemble the game cube (on the last page of the printable)
  2. Cut out the control cards and place in an envelope or other container.
  3. Distribute one Brazil Bingo card per player.
  4. Roll the game cube and draw a control card. Call out the combination for the players.
  5. As you play, mention facts about Brazil related to the game cards.
  6. Alternative: for players already familiar with the country, call out a fact identifying each control card, rather than just stating its name.

Fun Facts About Brazil

Weather – Mostly tropical. The equator runs through the northern portion of country.

Rio de Janeiro – Pictured on the game card is Sugar Loaf mountain on the left, and the famous Christ the Redeemer statue on the far right.

Carnaval – A festival similar to Mardi Gras, but celebrated nationwide. Kids celebrate Carnaval in a variety of ways around the country.

Monkeys – Brazil has more species of monkeys than any other country in the world.

Parrots – The game card shows a scarlet macaw.

Rainforest – The Amazon rainforest covers more than half of the country, and takes up as much land area as roughly 2/3 of the continental United States.

Map – Note how far east South America is!

Gauchos – Gauchos are more than just cowboys. In the past they were nomadic and hunted wild cattle.

Flag – Each part of the flag is symbolic. The green represents the Amazon rainforest.

If you’re learning about Brazil in preparation for the Olympics this summer, then you might also like to check out the 50+ Olympic-themed Activities for Kids. Our topic this week is Brazil!



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