Paper Plate Calendar for Practicing the Months of the Year

I have the months of the year stuck in my head. You know that song that kids sing in preschool and kindergarten? That one. You’re welcome to sing along as you make this simple months of the year craftivity with us.

Learning the months of the year is fun!

With a new year starting, I’ve been reflecting on last year and looking ahead to the coming one. My girls are getting too old for preschool and even kindergarten crafts, but I still like to make them to share here. This craft and activity for learning the months of the year actually did catch their interest. They already know their months of the year, both by memory and as sight words. Yet, they love anything interactive, and anything they can color. They were happy to get their hands on this.

Months of the Year Books

I spent some time looking for books to go along with this craft…

Oh my word! I’m in love with the ones I found! They’re all perfect for teaching poetry as well as for reinforcing the months of the year.

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Santa’s Eleven Months Off is a fun new book about what Santa does the rest of the year. There’s a poem for each month.

months book

Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak (of Where the Wild Things Are fame) is a classic. This one also has a fun poem for each month of the year. I may get several of these stuck in my head next.

calendar book

A Child’s Calendar by John Updike is simply gorgeous. There’s a lovely poem for each month, and beautiful watercolor pictures on each page spread. This was a Caldecott Honor book.


Months of the Year Paper Plate Craft

Let’s get started with our paper plate craft. This one is super easy because I’ve made up a free printable for you. Really, all you have to do it cut and glue it on, an add a couple of interactive features to make it fun.

The pointer spins around, and the year slides up and down. So you can show your kids how, as you move from December to January, you change the year.


Paper Plate Craft Materials

I rooted around in the drawer and the recycling bin for this. I think it’s time to get some more paper fasteners here – I had trouble finding enough for our construction theme letter crafts, and then I went and made this craft, which needed another one.

Here’s what you’ll need to gather:

  • Paper plate
  • Free printout (see below)
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Clear #1 plastic, such as from a strawberry box
  • Permanent marker – we used yellow
  • Hole punch – I used this one (affiliate), which is 1/8″, but I think a standard one would work too
  • Paper fastener (affiliate)


To download the free printable, just fill in the form below, and it will be e-mailed to you automatically. You’ll also get a second email inviting you to sign up for my weekly-ish newsletter (which often has subscriber only freebies). I hope you’ll join me, but please don’t feel like you have to.



Paper Plate Craft Instructions

  1. Color both parts of the printout, and then cut them out.
  2. Glue the circle cutout onto the paper plate.
  3. Cut out a plastic pointer from your clear plastic (the cut plastic can get sharp until you round the corners, so be careful). Color one side of the pointer with yellow (or another light color) permanent marker.
  4. Punch a hole in the plastic pointer. Attach it to the paper plate with a paper fastener.
  5. Cut a 2 slits in the top of the paper plate wide enough for the year strip. Weave the paper through the slits.

Do you have the months of the year stuck in your head now too? January, Feburary, March and April…


Are You Working on Letters Too?

If you’d like creative, multi-sensory, and developmentally appropriate activities for helping children learn their letters, you might want to pick up 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet (affiliate). In addition to all the fun activity ideas, it also answers your burning questions about teaching the alphabet, such as…

  • What should my child know about letters at different ages?
  • Do I teach letter names or letter sounds first?
  • Do I teach uppercase letters or lowercase letters first?
  • In what order should I teach the letters?
  • How many letters should I introduce at one time?
  • What letter style should I teach first: print, D’Nealian, or cursive?
  • How do I teach letters that make more than one sound?


Research has found that letter knowledge is the strongest predictor of first year reading achievement. And then, it continues to be an important factor through at least seventh grade. So teaching the alphabet is one of the most important ways to set young children on the road to reading success.


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