Finding Our Summer Rhythm

Reflections on an unstructured summer with kids
After a
long, rainy spring, we finally have a week of gorgeous hot weather. I’m
relishing wearing my flip flops every day, and I’ve switched my mommy uniform
from jeans and a t-shirt . . . to shorts and a t-shirt.

School Is Out

Best of all,
school is out for summer! I know that some of you are dreading and fearing this gaping hole between school years. I’ve been there. I have to admit, though, that this year I’m pretty excited about it!

Gone are the
rushed school mornings of “hurry up – where are your shoes – brush your hair –
don’t forget your backpack.” It’s time for unstructured, unscheduled play.

What Makes Your Summer Perfect?

I do wish I
had for you one of those neat and tidy blog posts about how to manage your kids
this summer.  I would share the perfect
schedule, complete with lovely chore charts, and amazing activity lists. …If I
had them.

The truth
is, I’m still figuring it out.
Last year, I
worked really hard on creating a daily and weekly schedule, and made a giant
bucket list of all the wonderful activities we could do.
It lasted
about a week. Then we stopped looking at the schedule and just started enjoying
our summer.
Reflections on an unstructured summer with kids

shouldn’t have surprised me. 

Schedule vs. Routine

You know how, with babies, some people are all
about schedules? Not me. I was always more
of a rhythm and routine person. I prefer the flexibility of going with the flow, and rigid
schedules stress me out (I know, you may be the opposite!).
kids thrive with lots of free time. Yes, they get bored, but that’s part of the
point. They’ve created some of the most amazing projects after whining out the
dreaded “there’s nothing to do.”
Reflections on an unstructured summer with kids
So this next week we’ll be finding our summertime groove again. The only criteria are lots of outside play, reading time, and enough free
time to get bored and creative. 

Just the Basics

Of course, we’ll complete daily chores. We’ll write a few play dates and
field trips on the calendar. Otherwise, we’ll plan week by week, day by day, even hour by hour, leaving room for lots of spontaneous fun.
I’m looking forward to finding our own joyful rhythm, filled with unbridled play and, as always, books and giggles.
Reflections on an unstructured summer with kids

Happy Summer,


  1. Heather – I love this blog post especially about how the most amazing projects came out of boredom! So true! Thanks for reminding me that I don't need a perfectly scheduled summer! Tracy

  2. I'm more of a routine person too. Strict schedules never stick for us! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot! We hope you join us again this week!

  3. I feel the same way about flexible routines over strict schedules. What a good point about boredom spurring creativity. I recently saw an example of that in my 3 year old.

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