25 Lovable Friendship Books For Kids

For children, Valentine’s Day is about friendship and love for all those in your life. I’ve tried to teach my kids the importance of friendship. Just like with other areas of life, I like to use books to help me teach concepts. Sometimes it’s easier for children to make a connection when they hear a story and see the pictures. These Friendship Books are an engaging way to teach children about what it means to be a good friend.

25 Loveable Friendship Books For Kids: These are our favorite Friendship Books for the classroom or home collection!

Lovable Friendship Books For Kids

With 25 books to choose from here, you’re sure to find several you love!

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25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

If you’re going to get into mischief, you’d want it to be with your friends right? That’s what happens in Not Me!, but no one will fess up to the mess.



I discovered Moo Bird as a panelist for the Cybils book award. It didn’t make the final cut, but I really loved it. This book for very early readers celebrates differences and finding friends.



Along a similar theme, Unlovable, is about an “unlovable” dog who finds a friend that he has a lot in common with. The ending is lots of fun! (I once read this simple story to a class of sixth graders, and even they loved it!)



We all make mistakes and most of us have a silly side. We try to teach our kids that when someone is being teased, it’s best to have compassion. Stanley’s story, in Crazy Hair Day, will help kids understand this!


When you least expect it, your enemy may become your best friend. Enemy Pie tells a story of the classic ‘killing them with kindness’ in the best way! This is another story that I loved reading aloud as a teacher.


Being a good friend is helping your friends to be happy. The Pout Pout Fish is dreary and sad until his friends show him that there is a much brighter way to live.


Sometimes it can be difficult to share, especially if what you are sharing is important to you. The Rainbow Fish realized that friendship is more special than his most prized possessions.


Pets are often the best friends we have. In Strictly No Elephants, the story shows just how important that can be. If you like play dough, you may also like the activity we did to go along with this book.


Happiness is infectious if we share it. Hooray For Hat is a perfect example of how one frown can be turned upside down with a simple act of kindness.


One fantastic aspect of friendship is learning from each other. You may find that you learn something special from the most unexpected friendship, just like in My Friends. 


Tarra & Bella is a true story about an elephant and a dog who were exactly what one another needed at the right moment — which turned into a life long friendship. Grab the tissues!


No matter what is happening in our lives and how we feel about ourselves, there’s always an opportunity to help others. This is something I think we all want our children to understand, and Little Elliot Big City can help show them!


Sticks and stones can break our bones, but what happens when Stick and Stone are friends? This books has a strong anti-bullying message – a fantastic lesson for all kids to learn.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Have you fallen in love with the “How Do Dinosaurs…” series? This one, How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends, is all about how to play with friends. Sharing, playing nice, and talking can be hard for kids at times, this books shows kids how to play in a fun way.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Sometimes it just takes one person to stick up for what is right. In One that is what happened with Blue, Red, and all of their other color friends. Besides the anti-bullying friendship message, this book is filled with color and counting practice. You may like to check out the invitation to play that we set up to go with this story.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Brave Mice Make New Friends is a warm story about two mice who leave their comfort zone to find a whole new world of possibilities and new friends.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow is a story about how disagreements and fighting can hurt more than just the two people that are fighting.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Neighbors can be friends too. Those Pesky Rabbits is a cute story about how to be welcoming and kind to others around us, even when we don’t feel like being in company of others.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Tiger and Badger is about problem solving and working out arguments with anyone, but especially your friends.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Adventures in life are best done with your best friend at your side. Frog and Toad is a perfect example of being two peas in a pod with your favorite friend.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Friends are excellent at helping see things a different way. In The Most Magnificent Thing the girl is having a really hard time creating something and her friend helps her calm down and see things in a way that results in success.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

When someone is down or sick, friends are often the perfect fix. A Sick Day For Amos McGee shows just how comforting friends can be.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Making friends can be difficult for kids and adults alike. In Friends, the story of Oscar, who is new in town, shows how it can be difficult until you try new things.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Should I Share My Ice Cream is another fun Elephant & Piggie early reader. (We’re huge fans of the series here!) This story is about sharing and being generous with our friends.

25 Wonderful Kids Books About Friendship

Best Friends often don’t need words, they understand each other. This is shown clearly in Yo! Yes?. This fun book is a simple 34 word conversation between two friends.





Aren’t these friendship books fun? They teach all the very different things that make up what friendship is. Storybooks can shed light on something kids may not understand, or on something completely new to them. All of these friendship books would be perfect in the classroom or at home.

25 Loveable Friendship Books For Kids: Our Favorite Friendship Books for the classroom or home collection.

I’m always trying to find new books to add to our collection. Comment below with your favorite friendship books if they didn’t make our list.

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