All Our Kids Crafts in (Mostly) One Place

Can I just say – I adore a cute kids craft! I love watching how each child takes an idea and makes it his or her own. I love the conversation you can have with children as they create. I even love the mess – as long as that doesn’t include glitter!

Whether you’re looking for a preschool craft to go with a lesson, or some fun crafts for a scout or community event, I hope you’ll find something you love here too!

Table of Contents

Our Newest Kids Crafts

Here’s what we’ve been creating most recently:

Children’s Crafts for Any Time of Year

From dinosaurs to space, here are some fun themed craft ideas that you can use any time of year.

Kids Crafts Through the Year

We’ve made these seasonal crafts for lots of reasons. Sometimes, I wanted to create something to teach about a particular time of year. Other times, I wanted to use the season or holiday to catch kids’ interest. And of course, plenty of times we just wanted a cute and fun activity!

Spring Crafts

April showers, May flowers, butterflies and caterpillars – this and more deserves some sweet springtime crafting…

Summer Crafts

Get ready for hot sunny days, patriotic holidays, and trips to the beach…

Fall Crafts

These crafts celebrate some of our favorite parts of fall: back to school, colorful leaves, shiny apples, and more…

Thanksgiving Crafts

Get ready for turkey day with these…

Holiday Crafts

We’ve got loads of Christmas crafts and other kids’ holiday crafts to fill up your December schedule…

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Finally, show a little love with one of these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids:

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