50 Apple Crafts & Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

We’re kicking off the fall season with an apple theme! In my dreams, the mornings now are crisp, and the apples are ripe. In reality, cooler weather is a long time coming here in Texas. It’s a good thing we can break out some new apple crafts and pretend!

collage of apple crafts

Apple Crafts

You can pretend (or not!) along with us. I’ve rounded up 50 kids’ apple crafts and other apple theme activities for you here. These are the perfect way to jump into fall!

Painting and Stamping Apple Crafts

Let’s start with painting and stamping – always popular choices with preschoolers and kindergartners. You’re sure to find a few apple crafts here that you’re excited to try!

  • First up, I’m editing this post to add my own apple tree craft. This one has “apples” you can glue on.

apple tree craft

  • These process art apple stamps use the seeds as well as the apple. The results are lovely in a preschool kind of way!
  • Or, try this fun twist on apple stamping using an unexpected stamper.
  • Next, apples can also be used as stampers to create completely different objects, just like in this stamping craft.
  • If you slice your apples in thin pieces, preschoolers can create apple crafts that will blow their minds like these pinwheels.
  • Do you love handprint crafts? This apple one is perfect for September!
  • Another handprint painting activity involves pom poms as well. Even toddlers will enjoy this one.
  • If you want a simple activity that children of all ages can work together on, this toilet paper roll painting is perfect!
  • Have you ever tried marble painting? I just LOVE these process art apple trees. You’ll want to head outside with this fun activity.
  • Finally, even toddlers and young preschoolers can paint and stamp these 3-D apple trees. They’ll get important fine motor practice manipulating each of the pieces.

apple crafts collage

Apple Crafts by Material Used

Apple crafts go way beyond just paint! There are ideas out there for practically every children’s craft material you can think of. I bet you’ll like some of these:

  • Coffee Filters

How cute are these coffee filter apples? This is a fantastic apple craft for a whole classroom!

This is another version that I like as well!

  • Felt

Little hands love working with felt. This Felt Apple Pie Craft would be great for pretend play.

  • Cardboard

This cute 3-D craft incorporates recycling cardboard, which means you can order extra things from Amazon, right?

  • Tissue Paper

I love how this apple craft incorporates recycling as well! This would make a great craft to display during the fall!

Another interesting out-of-the-box process art idea is similar to painting, but you’re creating with tissue paper. The results are beautiful!

  • Construction Paper

Tearing paper is a great way for children to work through emotions and strengthen hand muscles. Kids can get the benefits then make this adorable torn paper apple tree!

My friend Deanna says she remembers making this 3-D paper strip apple craft back when she was in elementary school. I’d never seen it before, but it looks like fun!

I love Love LOVE these apple suncatchers and I think they’d work well for a mixed age group from toddler through kindergarten.

  • Yarn & String

Another fantastic way to strengthen hand and finger muscles in preschoolers is with this yarn wrapped apple tree craft. Kids will love it so much they will barely realize they are benefiting from this activity!

If you have a child that needs a more simple yarn apple craft, you have to check this out!

String art can be found even in art museums, it is an underestimated art medium and this apple string craft shows exactly why!

Lacing work is an engaging way to involve preschoolers in fine motor skill practice. This apple-themed lacing craft will fit right in with your apple unit.

Finally, this is also another eye-catching stuffed apple lacing activity! It might be a little easier than the above one.

  • Paper Bags

These adorable paper bag apples are perfect for gift bags or displaying for back to school. I just love them!

  • Paper Plates

This paper plate apple craft is incredibly simple, it would be perfect for classrooms or families with children of multiple ages! The worm is an adorable added touch!

I also really like how this paper plate apple craft turned out!

Most apple crafts are of the trees or whole apples, but here is a sliced apple craft created from a paper plate. It would be great during a healthy eating lesson too!

These apple wreaths are easy for little hands and make a cute item for children to take home.

  • Pom Poms

A super cute way to make a 3D apple craft is with this crafty tutorial. Kids will love these paper ‘bubbles’ rolling around on the table too!

apple crafts collage

  • Buttons & Beads

Buttons are an inexpensive but fantastic way to craft with kids. Just look at how fun this apple tree looks to make!

These pretty beaded apples strengthen fine motor skills while creating a fun fall craft!

  • Items from Nature

These Apple Bird Feeders are simple to make, and it would be fun to watch the birds snack too!

Preschoolers enjoy experimenting with natural objects and transforming them into different projects. These oak ball apples are not apples at all, but with a little color and imagination, they sure do look like it.

Apple Letter Crafts

A is for Apple! Isn’t is perfect that apples are in season right at the beginning of the school year when you’re introducing the alphabet? Of course, any of the above crafts and activities will complement your literacy lessons, but the following letter A apple crafts go along especially well.

  • If your kiddos love using hole punches and other paper punches, then they’re sure to enjoy this A is for Apple craft.
  • This Letter A Craft is made with craft foam, but you could also make it with just construction paper. I’d make a bunch of extra seeds for the kids to glue on.
  • This color printable letter A craft is easy to prep for kids who have strong cutting and gluing skills.

Adapting Crafts For Older Kids

This group of apple crafts is meant for older children, but they are too darn cute not to add to the list. If you have a multi-age group, these could be great for all. Many younger kids could create these projects with a little assistance.

apple crafts collage

Bubble wrap is fun to stomp on and make a silly noise, but it’s also a clever way to make apple wrapping paper. Younger children will enjoy the process of this craft too, but their results may or may not look like apples.

Have you ever made pinch pots? These apple pinch pots are a creative variation that would make a pretty gift. Little hands might have more success with a softer dough rather than clay.

Paper weaving is a lovely way to add pizzazz to a simple craft! For preschoolers and kindergartners, check out the 2 simplified versions.

More Apple Theme Activities

apple activities collage

Playdough on its own is an engaging sensory activity, but adding in apple and cinnamon scent adds even more to the experience. This natural Apple Cinnamon Scented Playdough or this pretty red apple-themed playdough would be a great addition to your apple unit.

There is not much better to add to storytelling than hand puppets and implementing these handmade apple puppets would be a fabulous way to start the school year.

Kids will love this simple felt apple craft and the best part is it comes with a printable template, which makes your job even easier!

A simple DIY Apple Game is the perfect activity extension to a classic Dr. Suess themed apple book! This is also a simple way to include fine motor skills with a fun activity!

Why just implement apple-themed activities when you can turn a whole part of your room into its own dedicated Apple Orchard Math Play Corner. Kids will LOVE this!


Apple Printables

Finally, I have a few apple theme printable activities to share with you. Layer these on top of your other crafts and activities to entice your young learners to practice academic skills.

First up is my popular preschool apple activity for practicing letter matching and lowercase letter tracing. Laminate these, and then have children trace the apple seed letters with a dry erase marker.

apple theme letter tracing

Next, try this printable apple-themed sight word game for strengthening fluency. You can use any words you like with this, and even have students at different levels play together.

Looking for an apple math activity? This free printable apple counting activity reinforces early math skills while incorporating a little fine motor practice and creativity.

Finally, if you want families to read aloud at home too, this apple reading log is a fun way to encourage it.

Whew! That’s a lot of apple crafts and activities! We’re all certain to be ready for fall now. If only my weatherman would pay attention…



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