This Turkey Craft Can Sit at the Kids’ Table

This kids’ table turkey craft is fun for all ages and can liven up a Thanksgiving feast.

Turkey crafts! This spin art turkey craft is fun for all ages. Perfect for the kids table this Thanksgiving.

The weather here has just turned crisp and cool again, and we’re thinking about Thanksgiving. This year we’re departing from tradition and heading down to the beach for the day. We’ll feast on restaurant seafood and then, if the weather is mild, go put our toes in the sand. I’m simultaneously feeling relieved and guilty.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Lately, my girls pulled out their spin art spinner (affiliate). They have so much fun with this toy! With Thanksgiving coming up, we turned their latest spin art into a cute turkey craft. These turkeys would look adorable on a kids’ table at Thanksgiving. You could attach a pipe cleaner to make them into napkin rings, or a card to make them into place cards.

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This is one of those crafts that even a toddler can participate in. Older kids can fold the feathers and glue on their own turkey faces. The spin art paper is pretty small, so the turkeys end up being a nice size for kids’ table place cards.

Turkey crafts! This spin art turkey craft is fun for all ages. Perfect for the kids table this Thanksgiving.

If you don’t have a spin art spinner, it’s also possible to use a salad spinner. I found a quick tutorial on youtube that uses paper cut in circles, but you could probably make it work with square paper too.

Kids’ Table Turkey Craft – Materials

Except for the spinner part, this is a pretty basic craft as far as supplies go.

  • Spinner
  • Paint
  • Square paper
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper or cardstock for turkey (brown, yellow, red)
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Cardstock for base
  • Stapler
  • Tape

making spin art turkey crafts

I wanted the turkey feathers to be Thanksgiving colors, so I set the blue and green paint aside.

Kids’ Table Turkey Craft – Instructions

  1. Make spin art and let dry. (pro tip – you can speed drying with a hairdryer if you want)
  2. Fan-fold the dry spin art paper. Then, cut it in half as shown below.
  3. Staple each half to a small piece of cardstock – you can see the staples in the photo.
  4. Spread each fan out and tape together.
  5. Make a turkey body and face features and glue together.
  6. Attach turkey to feather fan with a small connector piece of folded paper. I glued it to the body and then stapled it to the feathers.

Turkey crafts with spin art

As for our turkey craft friends here, I’m planning to insert a little tradition into our day. When we get home we’ll set a table for some pie and ice cream. These little turkeys will sit right in front of the story-inspired placemats we made a couple years ago. I love that I won’t be messing around with fancy decorations and a five-course meal this crazy year. We’ll have other years for that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey crafts! This spin art turkey craft is fun for all ages. Perfect for the kids table this Thanksgiving.

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