15+ of the Cutest Teacher Shirts for Preschool to Elementary Teachers

Today I’m pausing to share some of my favorite teacher shirts. I designed a few of them, and the rest I collected here because I love them. I hope you do too!

teacher shirts for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary teachers

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Where I taught, jeans days were so coveted that we were willing to donate money to charity for the privilege of dressing down. Crazy, right? If you’re a teacher too, then I know you understand.

If you’re not a teacher, but looking for teacher gift ideas, then you may find this guide helpful too. I’ve also provided some extra gift ideas that you could pair with several of the shirts.

Christmas Teacher Shirts

‘Tis the Season to READ with a jolly Santa sends a seasonal, positive message to students.

Christmas reading teacher t shirt

Here’s another holiday shirt with the same message but a different graphic. You could wear this in January too (especially on a blue shirt, rather than the red one shown here.)


Isn’t this gingerbread cookie shirt cute! It’s perfect to wear while teaching a Gingerbread Man unit. Also, I love the positive message for students. Note, you’ll want to order this one a size or two up.

Preschool teachers can proudly wear this funny shirt declaring “I’m a preschool teacher, of course I’m on THE  NICE LIST”.

Whooo likes owls? This teacher holiday t-shirt tells the world that “The Gift of Reading Lasts Forever” – it does, doesn’t it!


Finally, here’s a cute teacher shirt to wear all winter long. Pair it with a gift card to her favorite bookstore or a few gorgeous new picture books.

teacher shirt storytime is joy time


Teacher Shirts to Wear All Year

These are heavy on reading shirts. Can you tell I’m biased? Kids notice what we wear in the classroom. Proclaiming your love of reading is just one more way to feed their enthusiasm for the printed word.

“Books Are Like Hugs – You Can Never Have Too Many” Here’s the perfect gift for teachers with huge classroom libraries. Give her a few brand new releases and she’ll love you even more. This shirt comes in kids’ sizes too (that’s my daughter wearing ours).




Unicorn Teacher – Like a Regular Teacher, Only Way More Magical For this fun shirt you could throw in a teacher supply store gift card and write a little note thanking her for making your child’s days “magical.”

Teacher of All Things – this definitely reminds me of a favorite book!

This Teacher Needs Coffee – pair this fun shirt with some gourmet java and, if you must, a mug.

Read More Books – What’s not to love?

Wild About Reading – I love the zebra print in this one. If you’re lucky, it might even match her classroom decor.

Criss Cross Apple Sauce – so cute for preschool or kindergarten teachers. You could pair it with an apple scented candle (Honestly, a candle may just end up in the teacher’s lounge giveaway table, but you never know. This is why you’re also giving a cute shirt!)

I Dig Preschool – Another adorable one! This comes in kid sizes too.

Who said glitter? Your favorite preschool teacher can proudly wear this cute Preschool Life shirt. You might add a gift card for a free massage or spa day to show even more appreciation.

Science Rocks – I love the fun details on this one. It’s perfect for teachers who’re passionate about teaching science. This shirt also comes in youth sizes for your favorite budding scientist – I love the pink one for little girls.

I wish I’d had all these choices while I was still in the classroom. I may still have to buy myself something that proclaims my love of books. But which one?!

teacher shirts for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary teachers

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