Valentine’s Suncatcher Craft for Kids

We’ve been busy creating kids’ Valentine crafts! This heart-shaped suncatcher was fun and easy to make. You can brighten up a winter window with it, or make several suncatchers and hang them from a mobile.


How to make a suncatcher for Valentine's Day - a fun activity to do with kids

The method to make this is inspired by the crayon shaving snowflakes we made last week.

Just like last week, we melted crayon shavings between two layers of waxed paper.  This time, instead of cutting out snowflakes, we cut out a heart shape.

You can draw a heart with a permanent marker to make it easier for your kids to cut out.

To get the interior heart shape cutouts, we used a craft punch for all but the one in the center. That one I cut out by hand.  The circles are from a small round hole punch.

You could also cut out the hearts by hand, or punch whatever other shapes you have on hand.

I don’t have a book picked out to go with this craft. If you have a favorite children’s Valentine’s book I’d love to hear about it.

I’ve been saving a ton of kids Valentine crafts to my Pinterest board. You may like to have a look…

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How to make a suncatcher for Valentine's Day - a fun activity to do with kids



  1. I think the book The Day it Rained Valentines would be great to go with this activity. Love the idea. Thanks for sharing

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