Free Printable Valentine’s Day Game for Kids

Here is a fun little Valentine’s Day game you can play with little kids. You can play it during a classroom party or at home. The idea is to get kids talking about what they LOVE.

Valentines party game for kids. It can be a fun class party game or kids activity to play at home. Includes a free printable.

I tested this game out on my girls, and they adored it. I wish I had a picture of Sophie’s big smile when she was telling me all about the things she loves. Such enthusiasm!

The basic idea is for kids to roll the cube, and then name something they love in the category that comes up.

Valentine’s Day Game Materials

  • Printout of the game cube: Love Game Cube
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Crayons (optional)

The game cube will be more durable if you print it on cardstock, but regular paper is okay too. Color it if you like, and cut it out. Fold it into a cube shape, and tape it together.

Valentine’s Day Game Instructions

1. Have the kids take turns rolling the cube. (Notice I’m not calling it dice? I hate that one of them is called a “die” but I can’t bring myself to call only one a dice!)
2. Everyone looks to see what category was rolled. Starting with the child who rolled the cube, the children share something they love in that category.
3. Then, going around the group, the other kids say what they love. Then another child rolls the cube, and the process repeats.


Class Party Instructions

If you’ll be playing this Valentine’s Day game for a classroom party, make one game cube per 4 children.
In case you’re organizing a class party for the first time, here’s a hint… With large groups of children, it’s always a good idea to do a practice round. Get 4 volunteers to help demonstrate for the class.
For younger kids, play as instructed above.
For older kids you can make the game competitive:
1. Give each child 4 small paper hearts.
2. After a category is rolled, the kids answer around and around the circle until someone can’t think of an answer.
3. Then that person has to give up one of their hearts.
4. The child with the most hearts remaining at the end wins.

I hope you enjoy listening in while your kids play this game, or even better playing with them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines party game for kids. It can be a fun class party game or kids activity to play at home. Includes a free printable.

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  1. I love this game! It not only focuses on social emotional, but very educational because they have to know what fits into the various categories listed. Good job!

  2. Than you for this game sounds great can’t wait to try it and it is adaptable for younger children as well again thanks saves so much time .

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