Penguin Craft for Kids {Free Printable}

Inside: this printable penguin craft for kids features a dad hiding a baby chick in his brood pouch. Kids can cut out and color this fun interactive winter craft.

printable penguin craft with dad and chick

There’s a scene I love in every penguin documentary and movie I’ve ever watched. It’s where a father penguin stands up to reveal a baby chick hiding snugly in his brood pouch.

I can’t help but admire these penguin dads…

penguin chick standing on parent's feet with other penguins nearby

Look, what a good dad he is, keeping his baby warm like that. I think he makes a perfect inspiration for a penguin craft for kids!

Penguin Craft for Kids

So this craft has been in the works for a while now. I had the idea of making a folding dad with a hidden baby chick, but needed help drawing just the right penguin.

Now it’s ready to share with you, and I’m so excited about how it turned out!


You don’t need much to make these!

  • Printout of penguins (see below)
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Optional: magnets or Velcro® dots, and tape if they’re not self-stick


  1. Cut apart the baby and the dad. Younger children can cut on the outer, smoother curved lines.
printable penguin craft with dad and chick cut apart

2. Color with crayons or markers.

printed penguin craft with dad and chick cut out and partly colored in

3. Lay the penguin on the dad’s feet, and fold the dad’s belly back and his feet and baby up as shown below:

folded penguin craft with dad and chick colored in

4. Now, add magnets or Velcro® dots if you want. This photo shows a magnet on the chick’s belly, but I ended up moving it to the head. I taped the other half of the magnet to the back of the dad.

assembled craft with dad and chick showing back of chick with magnet

5. Place the chick on the dad’s feet, and get ready to play with your new penguin craft for kids!

craft with hand holding chick up next to dad and small magnet

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penguin mitten craft on a tabletop

Penguin Emergent Readers

If you’re teaching young children about penguins, you might also like the Penguin Emergent Readers in my store.

Penguin emergent readers

These nonfiction Penguin emergent readers come in three levels, all easy enough for kindergarten. Plus, there’s a shared reading version that has pages for an adult to read aloud.

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    printable penguin craft with dad and chick colored in

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    1. Hello, I thought that the penguin craft would be perfect, but I couldn’t find the link at the bottom of the page.
      Just checking to see if I’d missed something.
      Thank you.

      1. At the very bottom of the post there is a blue rectangle with my logo on it. Click that, and the pdf file should come right up. Let me know if you need any more help.

          1. It’s way near the bottom under the heading “Get the Free Penguin Craft for Kids Printable” – there was an ad in the middle of that section, but I just fixed that so that it’s a littler clearer.

            Have fun with this activity!

      1. I just checked it, and it is definitely there and working correctly. You may need to try again on a different computer or with a different browser.

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