Arctic Animal Alphabet Worksheets

Inside: These arctic animal alphabet worksheets for dot markers include fun facts about each animal for grownups to read aloud to little learners.

walrus alphabet worksheet with dot marker and crayons

Whether you’re teaching about lots of different arctic animals, or just one in particular, these free arctic animal alphabet worksheets will keep children engaged.

What Animals Are Included?

This free set of worksheets has 7 different animal pages:

  • F – (Arctic) Fox
  • L – Lemming
  • N – Narwhal
  • P – Polar Bear
  • R – Reindeer
  • S – Snowy Owl
  • W – Walrus
polar bear dot marker worksheet with blue do a dot marker next to it

Each page includes a “Read to Me” box at the top with some facts about that animal.

I had fun researching those little facts for you! For instance, I never knew that narwhals can live to be 50 years old… or that reindeer fur insulates well because it’s hollow.

How to Use these Arctic Animal Alphabet Worksheets

I initially thought of printing these out on blue paper and marking them with white paint – like this:

s is for snowy owl worksheet printed on blue paper shown with white paint dabbed on with a cotton ball held by a clothespin

However, washable paint didn’t really show up on my bright blue paper. I had to use non-washable acrylic paint.

So you probably don’t want to do it this way unless you are working one-on-one or have a big stash of paint smocks.

So I printed the rest out on white paper, and I think the blue dot marker still gives it a wintery feel:

polar bear dot marker worksheet with blue do a dot marker next to it

Other Ways to Use these Worksheets

If you want to make these reusable arctic animal alphabet worksheets, here are some more ways you could use them:

  • Mark the circles with pompoms or mini-erasers
  • Slip each worksheet in a page protector and fill in with dry-erase markers
  • Laminate and cover the circles with easy-peel circle stickers (I haven’t tried this…)
  • Laminate and use a cotton ball and washable tempera paint. Then wipe off when done.

More Arctic Animal Activities

You may also like these arctic animal popsicle stick crafts. They include printable templates to make prep super easy for you.

You might also like the Polar Bear Nonfiction Emergent Readers in my store or my Arctic Animals Easy Bingo activity.

arctic animals BINGO activity

Download the Worksheets

Ready for the free arctic animal dot marker alphabet worksheets?

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    What Else Can You Teach Preschoolers Related to Arctic Animals?

    I’m not going to go into a full arctic animal unit here, but I’ll list a few ideas that you might want to talk about or do with your kids:

    • Weather – compare the arctic to where you live. How many days of snow, days below freezing, etc.
    • Life cycles – compare baby animals to adult animals of the same species.
    • What do animals need to survive? Talk about the special ways arctic animals survive in their harsh environment. Compare that to how humans stay warm.
    • Sort arctic animals by fur vs. feathers, small vs. large, land vs water dwellers, by color, etc.

    You can set up play areas related to these conversations so that children can further explore and think about them.

    Happy Teaching,


    Arctic Animal alphabet worksheets - Polar Bear P worksheet and Walrus W worksheet


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