How to Make a Pete the Cat Inspired Valentine Box

Today I’m sharing a Valentine box inspired by favorite children’s book character Pete the Cat. Making it was easier than it looks, and I’ve put together a free printable template for the hardest part.


How to make a school Valentine box inspired by favorite children's book character Pete the Cat.

In case you don’t know, Valentine boxes are a fun tradition in U.S. schools. Every child decorates a box for all the other children in the class to deposit Valentine cards.




How to make a school Valentine box inspired by favorite children's book character Pete the Cat.

Liam has had a lot of fun with his Valentine boxes the past few years. We made an alligator, a tiger, and a Lego piece.

Now Sophie and Isabella are in kindergarten. They’re looking forward to making their very own, and really, so am I! Since they love Pete the Cat books, I thought it would be fun to try to make a Valentine’s Day box inspired by him.

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Valentine Box Materials

    • Small box such as a shoe box
    • 2 sheets of white card stock paper
    • Scrap paper for making a template
    • Red and yellow card stock or construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Acrylic paint – dark blue & white
    • Large paintbrush or foam brush
    • Small paintbrush
    • Black Sharpie pen
    • Craft knife
    • Glue – I just used school glue
  • Tape


Valentine Box Instructions

I separated the process out into steps. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of steps. Once you have the materials, you can complete this in about an hour.
Prepare the box and Paper

1. Cut a slot in the top of the box for Valentine envelopes to fit.

2. Paint the entire outside of the box a Pete the Cat shade of blue. (I just mixed a tiny amount of black into primary blue).

3. Also paint both sides of 1 1/2 sheets of card stock the same shade of blue. Save half a sheet unpainted for the eyes and nose.

Make Pete the Cat’s head

4. Look closely at Pete the Cat. He’s actually a pretty simple shape to draw. Copy the outline of his head onto a sheet of plain paper to make yourself a template.

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I used Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool and Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes
(affiliates) for inspiration.


5. Cut out your template and trace around it on the blue painted cardstock. Then cut out Pete’s head.

6. Now draw eyes on your template. Notice how large they are and that they’re in the lower half of his face. Cut out the eyes and trace onto your yellow paper. Then cut out and glue onto the head.

7. Cut out white paper for the pupils of his eyes, and use the black sharpie to draw the black part. Glue onto the yellow eyes.

8. Cut out a little white nose. Cut 8 thin shavings along a curve to make the whiskers. Glue onto the head.

Make Pete the Cat’s Neck, Paws, and Tail

9. The front paws are just long rectangles with the end rounded off. Make them long enough to hold the heart plus a little to tape inside the lid of the box.

10. Cut a curved tail.

11. Decide how long you want the neck to be and double that length. Cut it out. Fold it in a U-shape as shown in the photo below, as well as the one you see when you scroll back up.


How to make a school Valentine box inspired by favorite children's book character Pete the Cat.

Make the Valentine & Red Shoes

12. Cut out a large red heart. Write your child’s name on it and decorate it.

13. Print out the free printable red shoes and cut them out.

Put it All Together

14. Tape the head onto the neck.

15. Glue the shoes onto the front of the box.

16. Tape the tail on to the bottom of the box.

17. Tape the paws to the inside of the box lid and wrap them around to hold the heart. Glue them to the heart.

There you have it! A Pete the Cat Valentine box for your favorite little Pete the Cat fan!

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How to make a school Valentine box inspired by favorite children's book character Pete the Cat.


  1. This is a lovely idea again – don't know the book, but he looks very cute and the perfect decoration for a Valentine box. Thanks again for taking part in the linky.

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