Letter O Craft: O is for Ocean

Inside: This letter O craft features crayon-resist watercolor and a ready-to-go template. Easy peasy!

letter O craft ocean

Can you almost hear the crashing waves in this ocean themed craft? Can you just about feel a sea breeze on your face and smell the salt air?

We haven’t made it to the beach yet this year – I keep thinking we’ll sneak down there on a weekday when it isn’t crowded, but so far haven’t been able to make that work.

Still, I have big ocean dreams! We love to learn and read books about ocean animals.

Ocean Theme Letter O Craft

There are lots of ways to teach the alphabet. Letter crafts are a fun one! Plus, they provide fine motor skill practice and a lasting physical reminder of the letter name and sounds.

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The word “ocean” is a really good reminder that the letter name we’re crafting here is an O.

I also like to teach short vowel sounds along with letter names. If you do too, you might like this adorable octopus craft as well.


There is a color and a black & white version of the printable template. If you need to save color ink, you could trace the letter O template onto construction paper and cut that out.

  • Printout of template (2 pages)
  • Blue crayon
  • Blue watercolor paint
  • Paintbrush and cup of water
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick
  • 1 Sheet of paper for background


This is a crayon resist watercolor craft. What that means is that you mark off an area with crayon and then paint over it with watercolor. The paint mostly doesn’t stick to the crayon.

In other words, it’s easy even for little hands to produce a beautiful result!

  1. Trace the wavy lines on the template with a blue crayon.
letter O craft crayon tracing step 1
  1. Then go over the traced line multiple times to get a thick coating.
letter O craft crayon tracing step 2
  1. Paint the top section pale blue for sky, or leave it white.
  2. Then, paint each other section a different shade of blue. You may like to set out only blue and green paint to help your children successfully make it look like the ocean.
letter o watercolor painting
  1. Next, cut out the painted inside of the O and also the “O is for Ocean” letter O template.
letter O cutting template
  1. Glue the inside of the O down on a background sheet of paper.
letter O craft glue step
  1. Finally, glue the “O is for Ocean” letter O on top.
letter craft step 7
  1. Optional: you can draw on decorations such as fish and sea birds if you like.
letter O craft final details

Voila – an adorable letter O craft!

Looking for your next ocean-themed activity? I love this ocean playdough invitation to play – the printable that goes with it is perfect if you don’t have a lot of the right little toys on hand. Want something printable? Try this ocean animal craft with free templates – they are really pretty and would look nice on your wall next to the letter O craft.

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letter O craft ocean

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