Apple Beginning Sounds Digital Activity

Inside: an apple beginning sounds digital activity for kindergarten or preschool students

apple letter sounds boom cards activity

I created this fall digital letter sounds activity back when we were all doing distance learning, but it is still a great activity even when kids are there in person with you in the classroom.

Apple Beginning Sounds Activity

Do you have an apple theme planned for fall?

Your kiddos are going to love these!

apple beginning sounds showing letter D slide

Each apple shown on the apple tree has a clickable audio button next to it so that students can listen to each word.

Then, they “pick” the apple with the given initial sound and drag it to the basket.

apple beginning sounds showing letter H slide with correct answer indicated

These cards are hosted on the Boom Learning℠ platform, and they are easy to assign with Google Classroom™ or with Seesaw.

Boom Cards™ are fun digital task cards that students can work on at school or on a connected device at home. They are self-checking, so students will get instant feedback about whether their response was correct or not.

There are two slides for each letter of the alphabet, so your little learners will have plenty to do.

Here’s a great video I found that shows you how different kinds of Boom Cards work:

These are SO engaging for kids, and you won’t have to sweat over the laminating machine to make a paper version – hooray!

You can try out a playable preview of this apple beginning sounds activity if you like.

>>> Click here to see this product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Apple themed beginning sounds Boom Cards product cover

Because kids need to associate auditory sounds with visual letters, being able to play the name of the letter sound picture is a game changer! (Plus, then there’s no confusion about what each picture represents.)

There’s a HUGE advantage to going digital for teaching letter sounds.

Yes, kids still need fine motor and hands-on activities too. This apple tree craft and this exciting apple volcano science experiment would be fun ones to try. But don’t overlook the power of digital activities thrown into the mix.

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