Name Tracing Worksheets That Build Early Literacy

Inside: Name tracing worksheets that give students practice with handwriting, name recognition, and even beginning phonics.

Name Tracing Worksheets filled out and colored with crayons

Name Tracing Worksheets

I love how excited preschoolers get when they learn how to write their own names.

I adore seeing their eyes light up, and watching them stand a little taller as they point out their work.

Tracing their own name helps children build confidence with writing letters – and develops their interest in those letters.

Name tracing worksheets make it easy for teachers and parents to provide some practice. So here are a few options for you to try.

Name Tracing Worksheet filled out and colored with crayons

Name Recognition Worksheets

First, you could start with these free name recognition worksheets that also provide some name tracing practice.

Learning how to recognize your name in print is an important first step in early literacy. It also has a lot of practical value…

Suddenly, children can find their name on their artwork, cubby label, and backpack. Such independence!

Now, more than ever, it’s critical for students to be able to identify their own school supplies in the classroom.

With all that in mind, I created these editable name trace and find worksheets for you.

Name Tracing Worksheet filled out and colored with crayons

Teachers or parents type in three student names at once. The names magically fill in on three different worksheets.

Then, each child can trace their own name and then search for it on all the school supplies.

Name Recognition Worksheet filled out and colored with crayons

You can increase the challenge by inputting three similar names — or at least names starting with the same letter.

Or, you can make it easier by using names that are easy to distinguish.

Here’s what the file looks like when you open it in Adobe Reader and how you can customize it by entering your own students’ names:

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More Name Writing Practice

You don’t always need a special worksheet to give children practice writing their own names.

Here are several ways you can encourage them to pick up a pencil or crayon and write their names:

  • Try out a fun art activity like this name rubbing, and then trace over the resulting letters.
  • Download and install a handwriting font such as Kimberly Geswain’s Primary Dots (which is free for non-commercial use) and type out each child’s name multiple times for them to trace.
  • Get mailing label sheets from the dollar store, and let children write their name on a name tag sticker to wear every day.
  • Encourage them to write their name on any artwork they create.
  • Let them use special supplies such as scented markers, rainbow pencils, highlighters, etc.

Name Writing & Letter Sound Worksheets

The easy prep name writing worksheets in my store are an engaging next step for children who are interested and ready to start learning initial sounds for the letters in their names.

Students can trace their name and color the initial sound pictures for “their” letter. Then on the next page, they practice tracing their name and “reading” the sentences.

2 Name Tracing Worksheets featuring initial sounds - filled out and colored

These name tracing worksheets are easy for teachers and caregivers to personalize. You simply type in any student name once, and it auto-fills across the 2 worksheets for that letter – similar to the Name Trace & Find Worksheets at the beginning of this post.

>>>You can buy your own set HERE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Name Tracing Worksheets differentiated in 2 levels

You’ll also find a few other fun name printables in my store. There are name crowns, stamp marker name worksheets, and personalized emergent readers which you can customize with each child’s name.

name crowns

Your little learners will soon find the joy in reading and writing their own names!

editable name tracing worksheets

Download the Back to School Name Worksheets

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  1. I am trying to find an activity worksheet that I used several months ago and need to add a couple of new names, since I recently gained two new students. It is a worksheet type activity that says “I can build my name!” There is a picture on each of a boy or girl with construction hats and block letters ABC . I was then able to edit the name, so they could use magnetic letters to build their names. If you could help me with this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jan,
      You must be a newsletter subscriber – that isn’t on my blog yet. I’ll email it to you again so you don’t have to dig for it in your inbox.

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