First Day of Online School Signs {Free Printable}

Inside: free printable first day of online school signs for preschool through 12th grade

printable that says 2020-2021 school year first day of online school. The kindergarten version is shown here.

2021 Update: Since there are still some students attending online school this year, I’ve updated the file so that the banner at the top now reads “2021-2022 School Year”.

Every year, I take First Day of School photos of my kids holding a sign that says what grade they’re starting.

I’m guessing you’ve seen this kind of thing. They’re so much fun to share with friends on Facebook or Instagram!

Teachers love them too, as an icebreaker and memento to send home.

Someday I’m going to put all our pics together in one big adorable frame. Or at least get them off my computer and into a photo book.

So I really don’t want to miss a year!

Yet, the upcoming 2020-2021 school year is different, isn’t it?

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My kids will be going to school completely online this fall. No, they’re not happy about it, and I really feel for them. It just had to be this way for our family.

Yes, I’m shopping for cute new pajamas rather than special first day of school outfits. I sure never thought I’d be doing that!

Printable First Day of Online School Signs

For our First Day of Online School I’m planning on taking pictures of my kids wearing pj’s and bathrobes. To complete the image, I made these cute signs for them to hold:

I also made this even more adorable younger kids version:

Then I got really carried away and made a whole set to share. (Once I got going it was easy to do).

They’re partially editable too! You can make the line with the student’s name say whatever you like. For instance, you might rather write the school name there.

girl wearing a bathrobe holding a sign that says First Day of Online School

My kiddos have grown into tweens and a teen who definitely don’t want their grinning faces shared here. However, I’d love to see your little kid photos though! Just tag booksandgiggles on social media 🙂

Meanwhile, we’re busy turning part of our living room into a school-at-home room, and searching far and wide for the perfect pajamas for our annual first day of school picture – online edition.

What are you doing to get ready for the first day of remote learning?

Instantly download your own First Day of Online School signs here:

First Day of Online School Signs

FYI, you’ll get a PDF file that you should open in Adobe Reader. Some computers default to opening in your browser or in preview mode instead – but that doesn’t work for editable files. So be sure you open it in Adobe so that it works right for you!

Also, if you have multiple children, you should print “current page” after typing each child’s name. That is because the editable field is linked across all the pages.

Happy Back-to-School!

girl wearing a bathrobe holding a sign that says First Day of Online School, and a plain sign on a table.


    1. You can just share the link to this blog post. Or, if you want to create a personalized sign for each student in your class and email them out individually, you can try to choose “Print to PDF” in your Printer choices in the Print dialog menu (on a PC – I don’t know about a Mac). Be sure to choose just the page with their grade level. These won’t be editable, so you’d have to create each child’s and then “print” it to PDF individually. Hope that helps!

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