How to Turn Mini Erasers into Adorable Christmas Ornaments

I’m SO excited to share this adorable mini eraser Christmas tree with you! I think it would look super cute in a school office or on a teacher’s desk.

tabletop christmas tree decorated with mini eraser ornamets

Mini Eraser Christmas Tree

Mini-erasers. ::swoon::

When I bought this little $3 tree at Target recently, I couldn’t resist also picking up a couple new bags of mini erasers too.

They begged to be paired together…

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I made the first couple ornaments by gluing embroidery thread to the erasers with plain ol’ school glue. I guess because they’re so light it worked perfectly well.

christmas ornaments made from mini erasers

Then I decided I’d rather use more of a twine looking thread, but I didn’t have anything like that on hand.

So I cheated…

I pulled threads off the burlap that’s wrapped around the tree base. I don’t think you can tell looking at it!

mini eraser ornament supplies

However, the burlap thread is a little stiffer, and it was harder to get it to stay in place while the school glue dried. Plus, I was getting impatient.

Out came the hot glue gun.

It was super easy, except I may have scorched my fingers a time or two.

back of mini eraser ornament

It was worth it to have instant ornaments – I hung them on the little Christmas tree as they cooled. I was excited to finish quickly and see the final effect.

teacher christmas tree made with mini erasers

I’m going to tie a Target gift card to a couple of these and give them to my girls’ teachers. If I were still in the classroom I’d definitely be making one of these for my partner teacher.

I hope you feel  as much joy in making one of these as I did.

Merry Christmas!



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  1. So adorable! I absolutely love this idea and how you turned it into a creative way to give teachers a gift. I might have to do this for my special education paraprofessionals next year; they already know I’m mini-eraser obsessed :).

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