Get Ready to Read Summer Camp

Do you want to prepare your preschoolers for the upcoming school year?

Or, help your kindergarteners review concepts to prevent the summer slide?

This month-long bundle of engaging and educational activities will keep your kids learning this summer.

What’s included: 

  • 4 themed weeks with outlines and supply lists
  • 10 literacy-based activities for each week
  • List of Additional Resources
  • Recommended Book List
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This bundle includes 40 printable activities. No other supplies are included.

What skills will your kids learn?

  • Letter Recognition
  • Letter Formation
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Syllable Counting
  • And more!

Through these hands-on activities, your kids will also work on developmental skills including fine motor and visual discrimination.

Who is this designed for? 

  • Summer school teachers
  • Child care center summer camps
  • Church summer camps·
  • Parents of preschoolers and kindergartners

These literacy-based activities are easy to prep and differentiate to meet the needs of all your learners.

What are the summer camp themes?

Week 1: Outdoor Fun

o  Day 1: Gardening

o  Day 2: Camping

o  Day 3: Picnic

o  Day 4: Beach 

o  Day 5: Fishing

Week 2: Habitats

o  Day 1: Rainforest

o  Day 2: Pond

o  Day 3: Desert

o  Day 4: Forest

o  Day 5: Ocean

Want to Try Just Week 1?

If you’re not ready to commit to all four weeks you can buy the first week individually right now.

Week 3: On the Go

o  Day 1: Cars

o  Day 2: Airplane

o  Day 3: Boat

o  Day 4: Train

o  Day 5: Bike

Week 4: Summer Senses

o  Day 1: Taste

o  Day 2: See

o  Day 3: Hear

o  Day 4: Smell

o  Day 5: Touch

Total Value: $30

Buy the bundle: $24

Save over 33% when you buy all four weeks!

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