Bubbles Sensory Bin with Playful Letter Activities

This bubbles sensory bin can be an engaging way to get kids interested in learning their ABCs. This post shares tips on how to set up a fun activity with bubbles and foam letters.

Bubbles & Letters Sensory Play

If you’re looking for things to do with a 2 year old, this sensory play activity is a winner! This is also lots of fun for young preschoolers, and younger toddler siblings can play along too.

For letters, I used our foam bathtub letters. They’ve held up well, and my girls still play with them regularly.

But we’ve never played with them anywhere but the bathtub. We’re often rushed at bath time these days, so I thought it would be fun to bring them down to the kitchen for some sensory play with bubbles.

To get maximum bubbles with less mess, here’s a trick:

  • Squirt dish soap into a large pot or container, then fill it with water using the sprayer in your kitchen sink to get maximum bubbles.
  • Then, using your hands, skim off just the bubbles and transfer them to the sensory play bin.

This way there isn’t a lot of water sloshing around in the bottom of the bin.

Just bubbles!

(I think the bubbles may also last longer this way, but I didn’t test out my theory.)

bubbles sensory bin close up showing foam letters with soap suds on them in a green-yellow bin full of soap bubbles.

Letter Learning Ideas

Introduce your bubbles sensory bin by talking about some of these letter learning concepts:

  • Name unfamiliar letters
  • Ask if they can find familiar letters
  • Find the letter “B” and talk about “B” is the first sound in “bubbles”
  • Search for the letters in the child’s name
  • Talk about the colors of each letter

Be sure not to spend too much time talking. There should be plenty of time for open ended play too. Sensory play with bubbles and letters should be lots and lots of fun!

"How to make the best bubbles for Bubbles & Letters Sensory Play" with image of bubbles sensory bin close up showing foam letters with soap suds on them in a green-yellow bin full of soap bubbles.


  1. You have some great ideas here. Both my kids love to play in the water. They could play in the tub all day long, as long as there are lots of bubbles. I might need to do this letter sensory with them. Thanks for sharing with us all.

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