Carrot Patch Fine Motor Stamping Craft

Whether you’re thinking of spring gardening, healthy food, or the Easter Bunny, carrots are a fun craft theme for kids. 

How to make an easy carrot shaped stamp as an Easter, gardening, or healthy eating themed craft activity.
Plus, working with small stamps is good fine motor skill practice for preschoolers.

You can easily cut up a small red potato in the shape of a carrot. Use the rounded edge of the potato as the carrot top.
Cut about 2/3 of the potato for the carrot shape. Then, cut out a smaller rounded triangle to be the carrot top.

Cut ridges into the top to make it look like the leaves.

I used my best, sharpest paring knife. (Of course, take care with how you hold the potato so you don’t cut yourself. And keep your child at a safe distance.)

Spread out some orange paint and give your child the “carrot” stamp. I like to make a stamp pad out of a damp paper towel.

Next, give your child some green paint and the carrot top stamp. Lining up the tops with the carrots is good for working on fine motor control. Plus, it’s fun!

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