Christmas Letter S Worksheets {Free Printables}

These letter S worksheets are ready for Christmas! Just print them off and grab some everyday supplies for an engaging alphabet activity.

Christmas Letter S Worksheets.

I know that when December rolls around, teachers are tired and stressed out – trying to wrangle littles and take care of their holiday to-do list too.

However, it’s also that magical time of year when preschoolers have Santa Claus on the brain. If you can put that obsession to good use – why not?!

Christmas Letter S Worksheets

These Christmas alphabet worksheets make it fun to practice the sounds and shape of the letter S!

Many teachers like to introduce the letter S early in preschoolers’ alphabet journey. “S” has a distinctive shape and a sound that you can hold for a while. (This is called a “continuous” sound, as opposed to the “stop” sound in letters like b, g, and t.)

I try to make our worksheets more interactive for preschoolers. Children should be able to do more than just color and write answers down. This set adds in a few extra materials that you probably have on hand – which I hope makes them lots more fun!

Letter S Dot Marker Worksheet

You can start off your littlest learners with this S is for Santa dot dabber worksheet. All you need to do is provide a red dot marker.

A kids hand holding a red dot marker marking the dots on the letter S on the worksheet.

If you want to get a little more creative, you can give the kids small cotton balls to glue onto Santa Claus’s hat.

A red dot marker and a worksheet with a dotted Santa's hat with small cotton balls glued on and placed on top of a dotted letter S.

There is also a color version of this worksheet, but I missed taking a photo of it. I would laminate that and use mini-erasers, cotton balls, or maybe even little jingle bells to fill each circle.

Cut & Paste Letter S Worksheet

Children who are able to use scissors (or who have grownups who don’t mind cutting for them) can try this version:

A red crayon painting letter S and a colored in red Santa's hat on a worksheet.

First, children should color or paint the blank letter S worksheet. Then, they should color, cut out, and glue on Santa’s hat.

Sample Santa's hat cut out illustration and a red crayon next to the colored red cut out Santa hat.

Letter S Tracing Worksheet

I also made you a Christmas letter tracing worksheet for the letter S. There is a black and white version, and also a color worksheet that you can laminate for use with a dry erase marker.

Letter S tracing worksheet and a green and red crayons.

You can even turn the black & white version into an engaging crayon resist activity. After the students trace each letter S with a crayon, they can paint the stocking with watercolor paint.

 A red and green crayon and a watercolor painting the traced letter S on a stocking on the worksheet.

Children who are interested in tracing additional letters might like this free printable Christmas name tracing activity.

Even itty bitties who aren’t ready for tracing letters, though, can enjoy scribbling and painting, while you talk about the letter S and its sound.

Download the Letter S Worksheets

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    I hope your littles love these holiday worksheets, and that Santa brings them joy Christmas morning.

    Happy Teaching,


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