Community Helpers Line Tracing Strips

Add this free printable line tracing activity to your community helpers unit. Students can build their fine motor and pre-writing skills while reinforcing what they’ve learned about 8 different community helper roles.

"community helpers line tracing" heading and 2 line tracing worksheets (police and fire), and a dry erase marker.

Teaching a community helpers unit is a great way to show kids how different jobs make our community run smoothly and how everyone’s role is important. After kids learn what different helpers do, they start to understand the value of teamwork, responsibility, and kindness. This, in turn, can help you as you build your classroom community.

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colored in paper firefighter, police, and construction hats

Community Helper Line Tracing Strips

This line-tracing activity features 8 community helpers and something related to their jobs:

  • Firefighter and fire engine
  • Police officer and police car
  • Mail carrier and mailbox
  • Veterinarian and dog
  • Trash Collector and trash can
  • Crossing Guard between children and a car
  • Construction Worker and bulldozer
  • Mechanic and car
3 line tracing worksheets featuring a mail carrier, a crossing guard, and a garbage collector.

Preparation & Materials

You can download the free printable from the bottom of this post. Then, cut out each strip – there are two per page so that they are nice and large for little hands.

These are in color, so you will probably want either to laminate them or slip them into dry erase pockets (I love dry erase pockets!)

2 line tracing cards (police and fire), and dry erase markers. The firefighter tracing line is partially traced over with an orange dry erase marker.

Here’s everything you might need:

  • Dry erase pockets
  • Dry erase markers
  • Small items such as mini-erasers or flat beads (optional – see below)

Ways to Use

I can think of four ways to use these:

  1. Trace the dotted lines with a dry-erase marker.
  2. Trace the dotted lines with a pencil or crayon.
  3. Place small items such as beads along the lines.
  4. Roll out skinny snakes of play dough and press it along the lines.
closeup of a veterinarian tracing worksheet with beads along the dotted line.

Download the Community Helpers Line Tracing Strips

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2 line tracing worksheets (police and fire), and dry erase markers. The police tracing line is partially traced over with a blue dry erase marker.

Happy Teaching!

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