Construction Alphabet Activity {Free Printable}

Inside: this easy prep construction alphabet activity uses a free printable and Lego bricks or other small building blocks. Students can work on letter recognition, fine motor skills, and visual discrimination while engaging in a motivating activity.

alphabet construction printable with paperclip spinner and Lego bricks

Dig! Lift! Build! A busy construction site – real or pretend – always gets my kids’ attention.

If you’re looking to add some letter recognition practice to your construction week activities, this little free printable might be just the thing your preschoolers or early kindergartners would like.

Construction Alphabet Activity

Easy Prep

The printable includes 4 spinner pages and 1 recording sheet (see the section at the end of this post to get a copy). Here’s what you’ll need to do to get it ready:

  1. Laminate the color spinner gameboard pages (optional)
  2. Either add a purchased plastic spinner, or a paperclip and brad, or just a paperclip and pencil like in the video below.
  3. Make copies of the black & white recording sheets so that each student has one.
  4. Provide Lego bricks or other small building blocks, and crayons.

How to Play

Play is simple.

  1. Pick a gameboard to start with and spin the spinner.
  2. Look to see what letter the spinner landed on, and find the matching letter on the board. Place a block on it.
  3. Then, find that same letter on the recording sheet and color it in.
  4. When finished, stack up the blocks in an interesting pattern or use them to build a little something.

You can tell students to find all the letters before coloring, or have them complete this part one letter at a time.

Here’s a little video showing one way to play. Watch out – there’s music, and I couldn’t figure out how to make it default to being muted.

Download the Printable

Ready for the free construction alphabet spinner activity?

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    More Construction Themed Ideas

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    construction theme alphabet playdough mats

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