Storytime Dog Wreath for Puppy Loving Kids

This fun-to-make dog wreath goes along with Enzo and the Christmas Tree Hunt by Garth Stein. You can also make a smaller version to use as an ornament.

A dog ornament inspired by the children's book Enzo and the Christmas Tree Hunt. Fun and easy for kids to make, and hang on their tree with pride.

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Storytime Dog Wreath for Kids

We loved finding Enzo and the Christmas Tree Hunt (affiliate) on the “new books” shelf at our library last month. It was a little early for a holiday book, but my kids and I didn’t care.

The story is about a father and daughter and their dog, Enzo – and is told from Enzo’s point of view. Together, they all visit a Christmas tree farm. The little girl gets lost as a snowstorm begins, but Enzo stays near her, and ends up calling for help. There’s a lot more to it, with enough detail to hold my girls’ attention.

It seemed like the perfect book to inspire a fun, kid-made Christmas ornament for 10 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas. We participated last year after reading Llama Llama Holiday Drama (affiliate) and created these easy craft stick ornaments.

In the end, I think this might be more of a wreath than an ornament. But if you use a smaller plate it can be an ornament.

When I mentioned the Enzo book to my girls again, they remembered it right away. And they’re always up for some craft time. Isabella enjoyed helping me paint, and suggested exactly where to place the paws. I think she did great!


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Dog Ornament Materials

This dog ornament uses pretty basic materials —

  • Small paper plate
  • Thick white paper (we used mixed media paper)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint (we used washable tempera)
  • Paintbrush aprox. 1/2-inch wide
  • A fork
  • Googly eyes
  • Black or brown permanent marker
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or string

Dog Ornament Instructions

This is one of those simple crafts that takes a lot of explaining. Basically, your child is going to have fun painting with a fork, and you’re going to turn that into a cute dog ornament for them.


  1. On thick white paper, draw the shapes you’ll need for the dog:
    • An oval for the dog’s head. It should be slightly smaller than the opening in the plate.
    • Triangle-ish dog ears.
    • Long oval paws – you’ll be folding the ends over to glue inside the plate.
  2. Use the fork to paint all the dog shapes a furry brown. Set aside to dry.
  3. Once it’s dry, cut out each shape.
  4. Glue the ears onto the head, and glue on googly eyes.
  5. Draw on the nose and mouth with a permanent marker.
This was an earlier version, but you get the idea…


  1. Cut the center out of a paper plate.
  2. Using the paintbrush, paint the paper plate “wreath” with a generous amount of green paint.
  3. Then use the fork to make texturized strokes so that it looks like pine needles. Set aside to dry.
  4. Once it’s dry, punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon to it (not shown – I got ahead of myself with photographing!)


  1. Glue the dog to the side of the wreath.
  2. Fold the paws and hook them onto the plate. Glue in place.

Both my girls had opinions on where to place the dog and his paws. In the end, I think it came out just right.


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I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the ornament series this year. I know you’ll like to check them out too.


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A dog ornament inspired by the children's book Enzo and the Christmas Tree Hunt. Fun and easy for kids to make, and hang on their tree with pride.


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