Easy Candy Cane Ornament

Sometime you need a simple, quick holiday craft for kids. This candy cane ornament is just that. It’s a step up from the traditional twisted candy cane pipe cleaner craft, but not much harder to do.

Fancier but still easy version of the traditional pipe cleaner candy cane ornament. Lots of fun and good fine motor practice for preschoolers.

These decorations could also be used as a topper on a wrapped gift. If your child enjoys this little craft, they could make enough to include in holiday goody bags for their class.


1 craft stick
1 silver pipe cleaner
1 red sparkly pipe cleaner


Take both pipe cleaners and wrap tightly around the end of the craft stick. Then continue to wrap all the way down the stick.

Wiggle the craft stick out.  Bend the pipe cleaners into the shape of a candy cane.

That’s it!  I hope your kids have lots of fun (not to mention good fine motor practice) with this simple candy cane ornament craft.

I’ve joined a creative group of bloggers to share Christmas ornament ideas for kids. You may like to follow the image link below to see even more homemade kid ornaments.


  1. Love to find projects that are simple and easy enough for the kids to do with very little assistance. This is something we can do while traveling next week to keep the kids busy. Thanks for participating in the Homemade Kid Ornament series.

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