Frog Theme Color Words Book {Free Printable}

I’m excited to share this free printable frog theme sight word book. It’s just right for preschoolers and kindergartners who’re ready to learn color words  

Print out this sight word book for your kids to color and read. Great practice reading color words!

It’s an interactive booklet – kids can color the pages themselves. Reading the color name and then coloring the corresponding color can help reinforce these words.

The story has a silly ending, courtesy of Isabella and one of her friends. I was writing out the rhymes, and trying to think of how to end it. The girls made an unexpected suggestion and collapsed in a fit of giggles over it. 

So if your little one has a funny bone, this particular color word reader may be just the motivator you need. 

Print it out here. It’s 12 half-pages long. If you can manage to print it front & back, that’s only 3 sheets of paper.

You may also like to pair this with our free printable Ladybug Game – it works really well for practicing sight words.

By the way, frogs really do come in a wide variety of colors. I’m not sure if they come in every color I used the sight word book, but it’s close! The American Museum of Natural History’s website has a lot of cool info and photos that you could share with your kids. Be sure especially to check out their free printable frog guide

Sight words, Color words | Print out this free sight word book for your kids to color and read. Great practice reading color words!

For even more amazing frog theme learning resources, you may like to check out what the Unit Study blogging group has put together:


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