Holiday Letter J Activity: J is for Jingle Bells {Free Printable}

This holiday letter J activity for preschool is just right for the winter season! You can use it during Polar Express week, after teaching the song Jingle Bells, or whenever else it fits in your December or January plans.

Letter J Activity collage of jingle bells letter j printables with real bells

The ring of jingle bells always puts me in a festive mood. They remind me of children singing Jingle Bells, sidewalk Santas, and of course, Polar Express.

I love that jingle bells can also just be about winter – a sleigh ride pulled by horses with tinkling harnesses. That makes it a theme you can use in public school with kids from all kinds of backgrounds.

Letter J Activity for the Holidays

You can leverage these seasonal sounds by teaching children that “J is for jingle bells” to help them remember the /j/ sound for the letter J.

Skills Covered

This letter J activity covers several related skills:

  • Saying the sound of the letter J
  • Forming the shape of the letter J
  • Recognizing the letter J among other letters
  • Fine motor skills

What’s Included in the Free Printable

This free printable comes in both color and black & white, and for each of those, there is an uppercase J version and a lowercase j version of the following:

  • Letter cards
  • Letter J page
  • Dot marker recording sheet

Scroll down near the bottom of the post to get your copy.

red do a dot marker, jingle bells, letter cards, and a letter J recording sheet

Preparation & Materials

You can set this up as a sensory bin or use it as a table or rug activity. Here is what you’ll need, regardless of which way you’ll set it up:

  • Jingle bells – You need at least 9 of them
  • Printed materials (see below to get yours)

Letter J Sensory Bin

Sensory Bin Materials

  • Sensory Bin with “snow” filler
  • Tongs for picking up bells (optional)
  • Printed letter cards
  • Jingle Bells

You may want to laminate the cards, or at least print them on cardstock. Then cut them apart.

I filled my bin with cotton balls and blue pompoms, but you could also use white shredded paper, rice, packing peanuts, or whatever other white filler you have.

closeup of sensory bin with cotton balls, light blue pompoms, golden jingle bells, and letter J cards

Sensory Bin Instructions

Students will pick out a card from the bin, and look to see if it has a picture of a bell and the letter J on it. If it does, they will then pull a bell out of the bin and lay it on the card.

green letter J with jingle bells on it, next to letter cards and more bells

Letter J Card Games

You can also skip the sensory bin and just use the cards alone. Try one of these ideas with them:

Memory (a.k.a. Concentration): Lay the cards out face down, then turn over two at a time trying to find a match.

Go/No Go: Shuffle the cards and put them all face down in a single pile. Draw one card at a time. If it is a J, pick up a jingle bell and place it on the letter J mat.

Letter J Dot Marker Worksheets

You can use the dot marker worksheets as recording sheets for the sensory bin or the card game, or you can use them separately.

If you choose to use them separately, perhaps give the child some bells to jingle after finishing.

You could also use the black and white jingle bell mat as a dot marker worksheet.

holiday letter J activity with a green J and jingle bells on the letter

Download the Jingle Bell Printable

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    More Jingle Bells and Letter J Activities

    You might also like this process art letter J craft that uses jingle bells, or one of these Letter J books. If you’re looking for a more complete holiday theme, our Holiday Helpers bundle may be the perfect answer for you. The Holiday Stories unit even includes another jingle bell activity.

    collage of Holiday Stories activities

    Happy Teaching!


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