Letter Q and Letter K Crowns

If you’re working on the letter K or the letter Q with your preschoolers, they’re going to love these free printable crowns!

Letter K crown and Letter Q crown: each is a paper hat with the letter "wearing" a royal crown

Printable Letter Crowns

In preschool and kindergarten, printable letter crowns are a big deal! Little kids love coloring and wearing their very own alphabet hats.

As of now I don’t have a full A to Z set of these, but I do have the two most important letters to make crowns out of…

Free Letter K Crowns: K is for King

You can teach that the letter K makes the /k/ sound with this K is for King headband featuring the letter K “wearing” a crown.

printed and colored letter K crown

The back of the hat has the phrase “Letter K is for King” on it for additional reinforcement. You can read it to your students, and then they can pretend to read it back when they wear these home!

not-yet-assembled letter K crown pieces shown with metallic crayons.

Free Letter Q Crowns: Q is for Queen

If you’re teaching the letter Q, then you’ll want some Queen crowns! Grab your glitter crayons or markers to color the letter Q and its crown.

Be sure to read your kids the back where it says “Letter Q is for Queen” and have them color that too. Then just cut out and tape together for your littles to proudly wear.

Should I Teach These Letters Together?

You may have little boys who don’t want a “Queen” crown and girls who don’t want a “King” hat. So should you teach the letters K and Q together?

It depends. Are you focusing on letter names or letter sounds? You want to be sure not to teach easily confused concepts together.

If you’re teaching letter names, then you won’t need to worry about confusion since the names “K” and “Q” sound and look pretty different.

On the other hand, if you’re teaching letter sounds, then you’ll want to be careful not to cause confusion. Since the /k/ sound and the /qu/ sound are similar I’d teach these one at a time.

Once children have the sounds down you can use these hats as a fun review.

Download the Free Letter Crowns

Click here to download the crowns:

King and Queen Letter Crowns

I hope you and your littles love these!

Happy Teaching,


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