Letter S Worksheet {Free Space Theme Printable}

Inside: This free printable letter S worksheet is a fun no prep addition to your early kindergarten or preschool space unit. It features stars for kids to connect into a “constellation” of the letter S, plus letter sound stars to find and color in.

connect the stars letter S is for Space worksheet colored in with a yellow highlighter

We hardly ever get to go stargazing here. Between light pollution and cloudy nights, conditions just aren’t right all that often here. So when we do find ourselves somewhere with clear dark night skies, boy are we amazed!

We’ve talked about how you can connect the stars to make constellations – kind of like connect the dots. Even little kids can find the Big Dipper when you point them in the right direction.

Learning letter shapes also can start with connect-the-dots, so I decided to put that together with connecting stars into constellations. The result is a fun set of worksheets!

Letter S Worksheet

The letter S is an appropriate letter to teach early on in a child’s alphabet journey. It’s a continuous sound – meaning you can hiss like a snake and keep saying the S sound. Compare that to letter sounds like b and c, which you can just say once and repeat.

connect the stars letter S is for Space worksheet colored in with a yellow highlighter

Children can color in the stars along the letter lines. I think letting them use a yellow highlighter pen makes it extra fun! (Note that some brands and colors of pens wash out better than others). They can also trace the letter lines.

Next, they can look for the extra stars on the page that contain the letter S and pictures that represent the s-words spider, sun, and star (there’s a star within one star).

Closeup of letter S is for Space worksheet showing stars with a spider picture and the letter s colored in with a yellow highlighter

That’s it! Easy and fun.

Download the Free Printable

This is just a one-page pdf, so you don’t need to sign up to receive it. Just CLICK HERE to grab your copy.

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I’ve also created constellation worksheets for all the other letters of the alphabet. You can see them in my TpT store.

Constellation Alphabet Worksheets, showing a letter A worksheet filled in with a yellow highlighter

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