Preschool Valentine Activity: Bee My Valentine ABC Clip Cards

This free printable preschool Valentine activity is lots of fun! Your little letter learners can help the bee find hearts, flowers, and honey while practicing uppercase-lowercase matching. It’s an easy, engaging addition your Valentine’s Day literacy activities.

preschool valentine activity with clothespins

Preschool Valentine Activity

These adorable Valentine’s Day bees are as sweet as honey! I was excited to use them on these ABC clip card strips for you. There’s one for each letter of the alphabet, so your preschoolers can work on letter recognition in a fun, Valentine’s themed way.

Plus, squeezing open clothespins is good fine motor exercise for their little pre-writing fingers. You can use plain clothespins or decorative ones like I found in my Valentine’s Day supplies.

closeup of valentine alphabet activity

Preparation & Materials

This preschool Valentine activity is super easy for you to prep.

  • First, grab your free printable by going to the very bottom of this post and clicking the blue button with my logo on it.
  • You may want to print the pages out on cardstock or tagboard, and laminate them for durability.
  • Then, cut each card out along the light gray lines. (Or you can cut before laminating if that is your preference)
  • Gather a collection of clothespins with the cards.
  • The cards themselves fit nicely in a plastic pencil basket if you want to keep them contained.

Ways to Play

The basic idea is that you look at the uppercase letter at the far left, and find its matching lowercase letter from the other three letters in that strip. Then, clip a clothespin to the correct match.

You can use these with just the letters in each child’s name, or set out a subset of the alphabet that your kiddos are ready to practice.

Of course, you can also stack up all the cards and provide the whole set to work on at once.

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Talking Points

You can reinforce learning by talking one-on-one or in small groups about these cards. Here are a few talking points:

  • The names of the letters
  • The shapes of the letters: “The uppercase letter B has 2 circles in it, and the letter b has one circle. What other letters have one circle in them?”
  • Letter sounds – talk about the sounds and give examples of fun words with that initial sound.
  • Uppercase letters are used for people and place names.
  • You can even throw in a little science: talk about bees, and how they gather nectar from flowers and turn it into honey back in their hives.
This preschool Valentine activity makes working on letter recognition fun!

More Hands On ABC Activities

You’ll find even more ready-to-print hands-on alphabet activities in my store. Here are a few of my favorite resources:

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Download the Bee My Valentine Clip Cards

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