Seasons Emergent Readers You Can Personalize {Free Printable}

Inside: Grab these free printable seasons emergent readers, and learn how to personalize them for each student.

Seasons emergent readers free printable

A couple of weeks ago my little 4-year-old friend would NOT let go of the emergent reader I’d printed out for him.

This sweet boy, my friend’s son, is all about dinosaurs, and I’d given him a dinosaur emergent reader all about him! His name was on the cover and in every sentence throughout the book.

It took me a good while to make the book for my store, but now that it’s done, it’s super easy to just input names and print off personalized books. I think this kid has some more books in his future!


Seasons Emergent Readers

4 seasons emergent readers

I think my little preschool friend will like this free printable Seasons emergent reader almost as much.

(Nothing can compete with dinosaurs for this kid, but seeing his name in print is a big motivator).


There’s a page for each season, and then one at the end about the whole year.

seasons emergent reader pages

There are easy picture clues and predictable text. This is a little booklet that a non-reader can “read” – thus helping you teach print awareness skills / print concepts and even a few pre-primer sight words.

Most importantly, kids get to practice reading their own printed names in a story!

seasons emergent reader Spring page


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How Personalized Emergent Readers Work

These readers are super easy to prep.

You just type four student names on the form at the beginning of the pdf file, and the names will automatically fill in on every page of the book. You can create an unlimited number of personalized readers by reusing the file over and over again.

Here’s a quick little screencast showing what that looks like:


Where to Get Yours

I’ve made the Seasons Emergent Readers FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. (And if you love it, I’d really appreciate your feedback there on TpT.)

Seasons emergent readers free printable

Also, if you love this freebie (and I hope you do!), you may also be interested in my other personalized emergent readers. They’re a bit longer but are otherwise similar.

Here’s what’s available so far:

  • Weather/ Days of the Week
  • Zoo
  • Colors / Monsters
  • Months of the Year
  • Farm
  • Dinosaur
  • Earth Day
  • Bundle of everything

You can see them all HERE.

Edited to add: If it’s wintertime you might also like the free Groundhog Day emergent readers here on the blog. 

I hope your little learners love seeing their names in print! I can’t wait to give my little friend a copy of his very own seasons book.


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