Celebrate 100 Days of School with These Fun Printables

Just when winter is getting oh-so-dull, we hit the 100th day of school and have an excuse to liven things up in the classroom! These cute 100th Day of School printables for preschool and kindergarten will help you celebrate with your students.

free printables for a 100th day of school celebration with mockups of each page

Has it really been almost 100 days since your kids donned their first day of school crowns? It seems like forever ago! Sit down and pat yourself on the back for all your students have accomplished.

It’s time to plan your celebration…

What’s Included

This free set includes 4 fun printables:

Interview Page: This cute interview page is the perfect way to capture your students’ adorable and imaginative responses. I love peeking into those creative little minds! Plus, you can add this to your lesson plan because you’ll be working on language and communication skills.

“I’m 100 Days Smarter” Display: This page is perfect for creating an engaging bulletin board or display. Personalize it by cutting and fitting individual student photos into the astronaut’s helmet, showcasing each child’s progress over the 100 days of school.

To streamline your prep, take a single horizontal photo of 4 or 5 children at a time against a white background. Then, print your photos on a full sheet of letter-sized paper, and cut out each head to glue onto the astronaut’s helmet.

printed and colored in paper "glasses" for the made out of the number 100

Print and Color “100” Glasses: Print these kid-sized paper glasses on cardstock to add a playful touch to your celebration. You’ll want to pull out colored pencils to make it easy to color in the small details.

Self-Portrait: This page gives kids a cute spot to draw a picture of themselves. If you do some special 100th Day of School activities, your students can draw themselves doing their favorite one. Kind of a nice way to cap off the day, right?

Finally, as you plan your 100th Day of School celebration, remember to keep activities age-appropriate. Preschoolers may not fully grasp the concept of 100, and kindergartners are just starting to count to it. Tailor the festivities to each child’s stage for a joyous and meaningful celebration. Happy 100th Day of School!

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Happy Teaching!

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