Winter Paint by Letter Worksheets (Free Printable)

Grab your watercolors for this cute little set of winter paint-by-letter worksheets.

"Free Winter Paint by Letter" title with watercolor paint and painted worksheet featuring a polar bear on a sled

You’ve probably heard of paint by number. For your preschoolers who love to paint with watercolors, we’ve created an early literacy offshoot of that.

Winter Paint by Letter

With these free worksheets, students will find the letters and paint them a specific color. They’ll have a pretty picture to show off when they’re done!

Skills Covered

Depending on which worksheet you choose, students will develop the following skills:

  • Uppercase letter recognition
  • Lowercase letter recognition
  • Fine motor skills
  • Naming colors

What’s Included in the Free Printable

You’ll get two different pictures to paint. Each one comes in 4 different variations. There are 8 pages in total.

Preparation & Materials

To prepare, choose the worksheets you want for each student and print them. Then, grab a paintbrush and color code the “paintbox” on the side of each worksheet. I have written suggested colors there, but you don’t have to follow that.

closeup of letters on worksheet being painted with watercolors

If you do follow my suggested colors, you’ll only need a basic watercolor set like the one shown.

How to Paint

Talk with students about the color names and letters. Then, let children work down the paint box one letter at a time. They will find all instances of that letter and paint it the same color on the picture that they see on the paint box.

completed paint by letter worksheet featuring a polar bear on a sled
You might notice there’s a missing letter A here. Don’t worry, I fixed that on the version you’ll download!

Download the Winter Paint by Letter Worksheets

Ready for the free printable for this watercolor alphabet activity?

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snowman paint by letter worksheet

Happy Teaching!

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