Balloon Letter Sound Clip Cards

Inside: Print off these free balloon letter sound clip cards to go with a birthday or carnival theme – use them to give students practice matching uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and letter sounds.

Balloon Theme Letter Sound Clip Cards showing uppercase & lowercase letter and letter sound picture

Recognizing letter-sound relationships is super important for early literacy. Once kids know letter names (i.e. they can sing the ABC song) and can recognize either uppercase or lowercase letters, it’s time for them to start learning letter sounds!

These clip cards are a great way to introduce beginning sounds and get familiar students with uppercase and lowercase letters. I hope they’ll make learning to read fun!

What You’ll Need

  • Clothespins
  • Clip Cards (see the end of this post to get your own set)

You may also want to laminate the cards for extra durability.

How to Use the Letter Sound Clip Cards

The best part about this activity is that it is quick and easy to set up. The main purpose of the cards is to help children develop fluency with letter and letter sound identification.

1. To start, students will name the uppercase letter on the left balloon.

2. Then, they will point to the lowercase letter on the middle balloon and repeat the letter name.

3. Next, they’ll point to the third balloon. Help children to identify the image and emphasize the initial sound of the item (e.g. for the letter A,  A-A-Apple). Children can repeat after you if they are not so confident.

4. The last step is for children to pronounce all three of the letters in the right column. They then need to place a clothespin on the letter that matches the three balloons they pronounced earlier.

Balloon Theme Letter Sound Clip Cards showing uppercase & lowercase letter and letter sound picture

Older children should be able to independently identify the letter themselves and may need simply need reassurance to develop more fluency.

If you’re planning to use this printable in the classroom, it can be a great activity to set up on a preschool literacy table. The children can work in pairs or small groups to read the letters and correct each other.  

Extend the Learning

To extend children’s learning further you can simply ask them if they know any other word/s starting with that specific letter. The clip cards are a great tool to get a better understanding of what levels the children are at.

You can also follow up by playing a matching game, such as these free alphabet cards, or reading a rhyming book to develop phonemic awareness.

Whether you’re looking for activities for preschoolers to get a head start on literacy concepts or kindergarteners who need additional support, this is a fun vibrant hands-on activity that children will enjoy.

Balloon Theme Letter Sound Clip Cards showing uppercase & lowercase letter and letter sound picture

Download the Balloon Clip Cards

Ready for the free balloon letter sound clip cards?

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    Happy Teaching!


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