Baseball Name Activities

Inside: These free printable baseball name activities are a fun way for children to practice recognizing and spelling their names.

"Baseball Name Activities FREE" title at the top, and both worksheets and paper ABC baseballs shown.

Teaching children about the letters in their names is a great way to spark their interest in learning more about the alphabet.

You’ll find a variety of name tracing worksheets here on the blog and also lots of larger sets of name practice activities in my store.

None of them (yet) though, are sports themed!

Baseball Name Practice

If you have any little baseball fans, they’ll love to practice spelling and tracing their names with this free set of baseball name worksheets.

I had so much fun making these editable worksheets that I got carried away and made three different name activities for you.

Name Coloring Worksheets

First, children can color their own “Team Shirt”. You can give them colors for your hometown team (see how I picked orange there – go Astros!) Or, let them choose their own colors.

name worksheet with picture of the back of a baseball uniform shirt featuring children's names.

Name Letter Recognition Activity

Next, when students are ready to recognize and discriminate letters, try the “Pitching Practice” name letter activity.

"Pitching Practice" baseball theme name worksheet with paper baseballs with letters on them.

Children will look at their names at the top of the page, and then find those letters below. Then, they can find the matching baseball and place that on top.

You can color in the correct letters on the worksheet to make it easier for students who need a little more help.

You may also like to make this a magnetic cookie sheet activity:

"Pitching Practice" name worksheet set up as a magnetic activity on a cookie sheet with cutout paper ABC baseballs

To prepare this, I taped a small magnet to the back of each baseball and set up the activity on an old sheet pan. (I cut up an unwanted advertising magnet and used double-sided tape to stick the pieces to each ball.)

scissors, double sided tape, thin magnets cut into pieces, and paper baseball with magnet affixed

You can also offer this next activity on a cookie sheet…

Baseball Name Spelling

Ready to play “catch”? In this next activity, students will find the letters in their names and then put those letters in order.

First, they will find the letters and place them in the mitt. Then, they can take the letters out of the mitt and line them up in the correct order.

Name letter worksheet "Batting Practice" with baseball letters spelling out a child's name

Download the Name Activities

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