Mail Carrier ABC Clip Cards

Inside: free printable mail carrier ABC clip cards that are perfect for working on letter recognition during your community helpers unit!

Mail Carrier ABCs Free Clip Cards showing cards and clothespins

Are your kids interested in playing mail carrier? There are so many options for their imagination! You can supplement your dramatic play (such as with our free community helper hats) and sneak in some early literacy practice with these cute clip cards.

Mail Carrier Clip Cards

These clip cards are for children just beginning to work on recognizing lowercase letters. They will match the identical letters from 3 similarly shaped choices.

Pinching the clothespins open and closed will also help to strengthen those little hands. This is a fun way to develop fine motor skills needed later for writing.

closeup of a clip card for the letter a, featuring a boy mail carrier holding a letter

Supplies and Preparation

All you need is a set of clothespins for however many cards you’ll be giving your students. I like to put these in a little basket.

To prep the mail carrier ABC clip cards, just download the free pdf file (info at the end of this post), print it out on cardstock, and cut the cards apart. You may want to laminate them to use year after year.

If desired, you can also print the recording sheet.

Clip Card Activity

You may want to begin this activity by reading aloud a book about mail carriers. I think Delivering Your Mail by Ann Owen is just right for preschoolers. It’s a simple nonfiction introduction to what mail carriers do.

Then, show children how they can find matching letters and clip a clothespin to the correct letter.

If your students are ready, you can also have them trace each letter on the recording sheet. They can use a crayon, highlighter, or “smelly” marker to make it more fun!

closeup of a letter d clip card featuring a girl mail carrier holding a parcel.

Extend the Learning

You can extend the learning in several ways:

  • Give children uppercase letter beads to find and place on the matching letter instead of using a clothespin.
  • Write a letter on the front of each of 26 envelopes. Students can find the matching envelope and “deliver” it across the room.
  • Use letter stamps to stamp the matching letter onto discarded envelopes.

Download the Clip Cards

Ready for the free mail ABC carrier clip cards?

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