25 Adorable Bunny Crafts for Kids

These cute bunny crafts are for children of all ages, from toddler to preschool and kindergarten, through elementary. They use a variety of materials, so you can select a rabbit made of everything from paper plates to popsicle sticks.

25 Adorable Bunny Crafts for Kids poster.

Hippity hop! Spring is around the corner, and with it come bunnies, farm animals, and flowers – hooray!

Today we’re talking bunnies. I’ve rounded up a huge list of Easter bunny crafts and not-Easter-bunny bunny crafts, and organized it for you for easy picking.

I hope this helps you find a fun bunny rabbit craft that your kids will enjoy and that fits your needs too.

Bunny Crafts for Kids

I debated over whether to organize this roundup by the material used or by age group. In the end, I decided that a lot of these can be modified up or down to suit various age groups.

So pick out your favorites and get crafting!

Paper Bunny Crafts

The bunnies in this first group are all made with paper plus various embellishments. You likely already have everything on hand to make these cuties…

Paper Bunny Craft.

First, I’m partial to this Paper Plate Bunny Craft because I created it. Follow the link to see exactly how you and your littles can make your own.

Next, here are nine more bunnies made with paper:

A collage of paper plate bunny crafts.

These crafts follow the above collage left to right, starting at the top left:

Row 1

Brightly Colored Bunny Art Project – Use chalk pastels to make this fun and bright bunny art project.

Easter Bunny Finger Puppet – In just a few cuts you can have this adorable finger puppet that will encourage dramatic play.

DIY Bunny Box – You only need a few simple supplies to decorate this easy printable bunny box with your kids.

Row 2

Rocking Paper Plate Bunny – This bunny craft has a lot of play value after the kids have finished it!

Pop Up Bunny Craft – These spring-y bunnies are a fun craft for pretend play when they’re done.

Spring Bunny Craft – Each adorable bunny is holding a set of flowers in this cute bunny craft.

Row 3

Easter Bunny Painting – This fun art project is perfect for kids looking to do some painting. They’d make a great school hallway display too.

B is for Bunny Craft – I love these letter B crafts, and I bet your preschoolers will too!

Shape Bunnies – Here’s another great educational bunny craft. Don’t you love these?!

Related: These Free Spring Alphabet Worksheets are an engaging way for preschoolers to practice letter recognition and fine motor control. The bunny page is my favorite!

Free Spring Bunny Alphabet Worksheet.

Recycled Rabbit Crafts

Next, these multimedia bunny crafts use items from your recycling and donation bins.

A Multimedia Collage of Recycled Rabbit Crafts

Left to right, starting at the top left:

Row 1

Sock Bunny -Upcycle old socks for this simple and fun sock bunny craft.

Bunny Kids Craft Made From An Envelope – Use an envelope to make this adorable bunny craft for kids.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Stamps – Here’s another way to use leftover toilet paper rolls – put together these fun bunny stamps!

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunnies – Your little ones will love using up old toilet paper rolls to make these fun and adorable bunnies.

Row 2

Loose Parts Recycled Rabbit Art Project – This art project is a perfect inexpensive project for your kids to do this Easter.

Egg Carton Bunny – Isn’t this little guy adorable?!

Newspaper Bunny – If you know someone who still gets an old-school newspaper, ask for yesterday’s edition so you can make this quirky readable rabbit.

More Mulitmedia Bunny Crafts

Finally, here are a bunch more multimedia bunnies. Some of these use some pretty inventive materials!

A Multimedia Collage Bunny Crafts .

Left to right, starting at the top left:

Row 1

Doily Bunny Craft -This doily bunny is so simple and perfect for your little ones.

Easter Peeps Playdough – Use Peeps to create this fun edible playdough for kids. Then, just add a cookie cutter to make it a bunny craft.

Cute Foam Cup Bunny Craft – Turn a foam cup into this adorable bunny craft.

Row 2

Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft – This craft is not only a fun way to craft with something fun and yummy, but it also teaches your kids fine motor skills.

(the purple bunny graphic is just a filler)

Fun Easter Bunny Craft – You can also use marshmallows as stamps in this fun and festive bunny craft. This one is great for toddlers.

Row 3

Popsicle Stick Easter Bunny Craft – This easy Easter bunny craft is simple and quick to make. Wouldn’t these make a cute mini-puppet show?

CD Bunny Craft – Put your old and scratched CDs to good use in this easy bunny craft.

Wooden Spoon Bunny – You need just a few supplies to make these easy wooden spoon bunnies. These look like they’d make good puppets too.

I hope you found some bunny crafts you love. Happy crafting!


Collage of bunny images made of various materials.

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