Christmas Letter R Activities {Free Printable}

These Christmas letter R activities have a cute reindeer theme perfect for the holiday season.

Collage of Letter R worksheets and cards with a reindeer theme

Today I’m sharing a fun, low-prep Christmas printable that’s sure to make learning fun during this most festive month!

Catch your kids’ attention with the cute little reindeer, and then keep them engaged by using the pages in a variety of ways.

These printables are suitable for one-on-one, small groups, or even can be used at literacy stations.  

Uppercase and Lowercase Matching

This is an activity that will assist you with early letter recognition. Print the reindeer letters off and cut out the squares. You can play many different flashcard games with these!

3 reindeer cards with letters laid on red paper

A personal favorite of mine is to ask students to find the upper and lowercase letters to make a pair. Have students repeat the name of the letter pair they have found. That way you’ll be reinforcing the sound and extending their phonemic awareness. 

You can even use the flashcards to help children practice writing on flatter surfaces such as a whiteboard. Place the cards onto the surface by using a magnet and ask students to copy the letter side by side. 

Christmas Letter R Activities with Dot Markers

First of all, you can use the worksheets in this set as a straightforward no-prep independent activity.

In addition, you can use these dot marker worksheets as a great mid-year school activity to track students’ progress and identify any struggles they may be facing. For instance, you could make an “I spy” out of this printable to observe how quickly children can find and recognize letters! Simply call out a letter and see if students can dab the correct ones. 

A reindeer letter cut out, a red dot marker and a worksheet 
 written various letters

For children who may still struggle with pencil grip, the dot markers are great to grasp. Dot markers are a perfect mess-free activity that you can take on the go anywhere. They’ll keep students occupied for some time! 

A red dot marker marking a worksheet

R for Reindeer 

The sound of “r” can be quite tricky to pronounce, so to help practice, I’ve added some extra uppercase and lowercase R worksheets! Students can easily associate the letter “r” with reindeers. 

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    Whether you’re looking for activities for preschoolers who are trying to get a head start for school or kindergarteners who may need some extra support, these hands-on activities are great for the month of December. 

    Happy Learning! 

    R is for Reindeer Letter R Worksheets cover.

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