Penguin Hats with Fun Facts

These free printable penguin hats include 5 interesting facts about penguins. Children can color and wear their penguin crowns, and learn a little bit about these birds too.

penguin facts for kids hat shown in collage

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Penguins are a fun classroom theme for winter. You can read some favorite penguin books (see below), do some cute penguin crafts, and incorporate science too.

You can also incorporate geography (Where is Antarctica? What is the South Pole?). And you can also just use them to teach your little ones more about our world.

Penguin Hats

To make this printable more than just a coloring sheet, I added some fun facts. I had a ready source to pull them from…

Penguin Facts

Last year I added a set of nonfiction emergent readers about penguins to my store. The lowest level of the 4 differentiated readers in the set is a “Shared Reading” booklet. The left side is meant for an adult to read aloud, while the right side has very simple text for the child to read.

A open penguin booklet containing penguin pictures and their facts.

So I went back into that reader and pulled five different penguin facts to add to the hats. If you have the readers you can use the hats to go along with them.

Printable emergent reader open to a page that reads "They find food in the water." Display of 2 black and white booklets and a color book, with the title "A Little Book About Penguins"
The open book at the top here shows the Medium level reader.

These hats stand well on their own as well. Or, you might start with the hats to spark some interest, and then move on to a book.

A fun fact printed on a colored penguin hat
A fun fact printed on a colored penguin hat and an orange crayon.

In addition to the two facts pictured above, the hat also features these other 3 facts:

  • The largest penguin is the Emperor penguin. It’s as tall as a kindergartner!
  • Penguins can’t fly, but they can swim. On land they can sled on their bellies.
  • Penguins huddle together to stay warm. Their feathers and fat layer help them stay warm too.
A penguin worksheet ready for cutting and two crayons

Download the Penguin Hat

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