Christmas Letter Tracing Activity: Cookies for Santa

Inside: this Christmas letter tracing activity has preschoolers tracing and finding lowercase letters.

"free Christmas Cookie Trace the Letter" with alphabet tracing paper 'cookies' and a dot marker worksheet

Imagine the squeals and laughter as children squirt frosting onto sugar cookies. These paper letter tracing “cookies” are almost as much fun, but not nearly as messy.

(Not that you shouldn’t do both!)

Christmas Letter Tracing Activity

If you’re looking for an engaging way to sneak in some letter tracing practice this holiday season, this printable might help.

Christmas tree, Christmas stocking, and round shaped paper "cookies" with the letters a, b, and c on them.

You could even have them spell out CVC words or sight words.

Preparation & Materials

You will need to cut out and laminate each “cookie”. You can cut them out closely like you see above, or in cards like this:

closeup of a paper "gingerbread cookie" card next to a red dry erase marker

The only other materials you’ll need for this Christmas letter tracing activity are these:

  • Dry erase markers
  • Dot markers

You may also want to offer children a pretend cookie sheet, or make your own like we used in this fine motor activity for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

How to Play

You can use these letters in various ways depending on what skills your students need to work on.

Name Practice

Your students can use the cookies to practice reading and writing their names. From easiest to hardest, they can:

  • Trace the letters on cookies that you have already placed to spell out their name.
  • Rearrange the letters to spell their name and then trace each letter.
  • Search for cookies with the letters in their name, and then put them in order and trace each letter.
Christmas tree shaped paper "cookie" with the letter a on it, traced in red dry erase marker

You might also like to give them this Christmas gift tag name tracing activity for additional practice.

Alphabet Writing Practice

Of course students can also use these to work on any other letters they’ve been learning. After they trace a letter they can search for it on the recording sheet, and mark it with a dot marker.

paper "Christmas cookies" with letters traced on them in dry erase marker and a dot marker alphabet worksheet with a picture of Santa eating a cookie

Word Work

More advanced students can combine the letters to form CVC words or sight words.

Extend the Learning

Wouldn’t it be fun to make real cookies, or decorate store bought cookies, to go along with this Christmas letter tracing activity? Sometimes the mess is worth it!

closeup of child in red sweater holding a tube of green cookie icing, squeezing the icing onto a Christmas tree shaped cookie

Download the Free Printable

This 8-page printable includes all 26 letters of the alphabet plus a recording sheet.

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