Winter Syllable Sorting Activity for Preschoolers

Inside: this winter syllable sorting printable activity is a fun, interactive way for preschoolers to work on phonological awareness. They will practice distinguishing one- and two-syllable words, and segmenting the two-syllable words.

"Winter Syllable Sorting Activity" with activity sheet, cards, and puppet

Weeeeee! Raise your hand if you love sledding! (or you did as a kid) Today we’re pretending to slide over a bump or two as we count syllables and segment winter themed words.

Skills Covered

This activity helps preschoolers work on phonological awareness – specifically, on syllable segmenting (or not – for the one-syllable words).

It will also help you teach students about winter. Each of the cards features a winter-themed word, such as snowflake, cocoa, and quilt.

sledding syllable sort pages side by side with and and two syllable word cards on the pages and below them

What’s Included in the Free Printable

This printable is 4 pages long:

  • 2 Sledding hill activity pages
  • 16 word cards (1 page)
  • 2 puppet cutouts (1 page)

Preparation & Materials

After you print everything, you may want to laminate the activity pages and word cards. Then, cut apart the word cards and cut out the puppets. Finally, tape a craft stick to the back of each puppet.

edge of a hand holding a craft stick with a cutout picture of a polar bear on a sled, with winter syllable counting activity in background
I printed these at the 2 per page size, so your puppet will be a little bigger relative to the craft stick.

How to Play

Spread out the word cards, and then choose one to work on. Say the word and decide whether it is one syllable or two. Then, pick up the puppet and pretend to have it sled down the hill. As it hits each bump, say a syllable.

I took a quick video to show you. (I forgot to change puppets when I said the two syllable words though)

You coud also just present only the two-syllable words and have the children segment them without having to decide which words are one vs. to syllables.

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Extend the Learning with Books

Adding books to this activity will make it extra engaging! Here are a few snow books that relate most directly:

Snow! Snow! Snow! by Lee Harper is about dogs who go sledding and hit a big bump. It’s perfect to pair with this winter syllable sorting activity.

Red Sled by Lita Judge is a nearly wordless picture book that is about a group of animals who go for a bumpy sled ride.

Download the Printable Activity

Ready for the free winter syllable sorting activity?

activity sheet, cards, and puppet for winter syllable sorting activity

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