Dot Dabber Butterfly Activity

Today I’m sharing a quick, no-prep butterfly activity for preschoolers. Just grab your dot markers and go!

The azaleas are showing their colors here, and the spring sunshine is calling us outside. We’ve been seeing lots of butterflies around.

Every year we do a few butterfly activities in the spring. A few years back, we raised caterpillars and created a free butterfly journal here on the blog. We also had fun making pretty butterfly crafts with coffee filters and decorative tape.

This year we’re planting some butterfly plant and hoping to attract monarchs to lay eggs. We’re also trying out some wildflower seed bombs for a future blog post and hoping to get some nice butterfly-attracting flowers in the process.

If you’re looking for something even simpler, this butterfly dot dabber page may be an easy answer. Preschoolers can practice their fine motor skills, and the only prep is to grab a dot dauber marker and, perhaps print out the template page I made for you.

You could also quickly draw up your own, or let the kids try their hand at it – I bet the results will be adorable!

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