St Patrick’s Day Sight Word Activity for Preschool

This St Patrick’s Day sight word activity is an engaging way to practice pre-primer sight words. We added some leprechaun gold to these clip cards to add an extra element of fun!

St. Patrick's day leprechaun themed printable sight word activity clothespin and gold plastic coins

I overheard my girls talking about leprechauns the other day. They were raiding my craft supplies for glittery stickers, craft sticks, and my stash of plastic gold “coins”. Yes, they were getting ready to build a leprechaun trap. It’s that time of year! Last year they built a trap here at home. This year, one of their amazing teachers is doing it as a class project.

I have to admit – I don’t exactly get leprechaun traps. I mean, you aren’t really going to catch anything! My girls realize this, I think, but they sure don’t talk like they do. Of course, Sophie is also still convinced there’s a monster under her bed, so you never know.

St Patrick’s Day Sight Word Activity

The girls already know these sight words, so they were excited to help me make these St. Patrick’s Day sight word clip cards. Don’t worry, I went back and fixed them later. The idea here is for the child to read the sight word on the pot of gold, and then clip the matching word printed on the gold coin.

You can grab your copy by clicking on the big blue button with my logo on it, found way at the bottom of this post.

Just print, cut apart, and add clothespins.

Plus, if you have plastic gold coins (mine came from Dollar Tree), you can involve them too. After the kids have clipped all the cards, have them read the sight words back to you. Pay one gold coin for each correct word, or for more advanced kiddos make them read 5 or 10 or even all 24 words correctly to earn a coin.

Child's hands using a St. Patrick's day leprechaun themed printable sight word activity

Those gold coins have a lot of power with kids. The other day I paid one of the girls in leprechaun gold for a little chore around the house. You don’t need to catch a leprechaun to have a little magic in your life.



P.S.  Would you also like clip cards for less advanced preschoolers? You may like these ABC Clip Cards that give students practice matching letters and letter sounds.


Here’s where you grab your copy of this St Patrick’s Day Sight Word Activity:

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