Ladybug Learning Game for Sight Words and more {Free Printable}

We had so much fun with our ladybug theme, I decided to make a ladybug learning game. We’re going to use it to practice sight words, but you can also use it to work on math facts or ABCs. Even better, kids of differing abilities can play together.

Ladybug Learning Game Materials

You can print your own copy of the printable materials here. To get ready to play, you’ll need the following:

  • Printable Materials: Game board, assembled Ladybug cube,
    Ladybug control card for each player
  • Game pawns – we used our ladybug magnets, but you could also
    use coins, painted dried beans, or pawns from another game
  • Flashcards with sight words, math facts, or ABCs
You might also want to look at my friend Sara’s list of ladybug books for kids and find one that your kids will enjoy along with this game. I love including relevant books with activities, don’t you!
Ladybug Learning Game Instructions
1. Lay each child’s flashcards out on their control card.
2. Determine which child will go first (youngest, next birthday, etc.) Assemble pawns at the bottom left of the board.

3. Each player rolls the cube. The number of dots on the ladybug tells you which flashcard to read or solve, and also how many spaces to move on the game board.

For example, if you roll the ladybug with 3 dots, you find the 3-dot-ladybug on the control card, read/solve the flashcard next to it, and then advance 3 spaces on the game board.

4. If you land on the space in front of the bird, you can take the shortcut. If you land on the space the bird is standing on, you have to go back 3 spaces.
5. The first player to reach the end wins.

Ladybugs, Sight Words | A ladybug theme learning game for practicing sight words, math facts, ABCs, and more. You can have kids who're working on completely different skills can play together.

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