5-Minute Fall Word Wall for the Playroom

So I went to Target yesterday. You know how this ends. I went in for a couple necessary items and came home with more than I’d planned to buy. But while I was in the dollar spot I found this bulletin board border!
How to make kids a mini word wall for home, with fall themed printable word cards.

Why should teachers have all the fun? I decided it would be fun to make a home word wall for my girls. In about 5 minutes, you can make a sweet, mini-pinboard.
A cork board tile (or piece of corrugated cardboard)
Wide burlap ribbon (or fabric)
Bulletin board border
1. Cut burlap and staple to cork board.
2. Cut the border to size. Staple the left and right border pieces onto the cork.
3. I trimmed the top and bottom pieces a little so the brown lines on the outside would show. Glue these on, covering the staples from the first two pieces.
Staple a little twine to the back for hanging, and it’s ready to decorate. (I suggest glue or staples rather than thumbtacks)
How to make kids a mini word wall for home, with fall themed printable word cards.
You can print out the graphics I put together. This also has a fall tree on it which I ended up not using. I printed on cream colored paper.

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Remember the ABC rings I made last week? The leftover letter stickers (affiliate) fit perfectly at the beginning of each word on the printable here. So if you have a kiddo who’s still learning letters, that would be a way to emphasize the beginning letters of each word while still exposing your child to whole words.

My girls are at the early reading stage, so seeing these seasonal words in print is just right for them. I could see Sophie’s brain ticking when I put this up this afternoon.

Now I need to think of what to do with the rest of the bulletin board border. I only used a little bit for this mini-board. If you have any unconventional ideas, let me know in the comments below.

I need to make use of the materials I have…it may be a while before I dare set foot back in Target.

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How to make kids a mini word wall for home, with fall themed printable word cards.


  1. I love this bulletin board border! I am addicted to them. I have a substantial stash in the office closet. Every time I see one I like I grab it "just in case" … you know how that goes… I don't have a leaf one though. So, I can not finish this comment because I'm putting my shoes on and going to Target to buy one.

    1. Ha! I'm glad you love it.I was really excited to see that leaf border too. I only bought mine a week ago – hope your Target has it too.

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