12 Father’s Day Books for Preschoolers

Find the perfect read to celebrate Father’s Day with your little one! In this post, we’ll share our 12 favorite Father’s Day books for preschoolers. Read these at home, school, or even right on dad’s lap!

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We posted a list of Mother’s Day books a few weeks ago. Of course, that means we also need a matching list of books for Father’s Day! I hope this helps you find your next great read aloud, and that your littles love it.

Books That Explain Father’s Day

These books will help readers understand what Father’s Day is all about and share some tips for making the most of this special day.

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The Night Before Father’s Day by Natasha Wing

Children learn about some common Father’s Day celebrations by watching a mother and two children set up some surprises for their special dad! This book is a great entry point for students to think about something special their dad might enjoy.

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A Perfect Father’s Day by Eve Bunting

Watch as a father and daughter spend their whole day together! The two visit some of their favorite spots – they go to lunch, visit the duck pond, and buy balloons before coming home to enjoy a special Father’s Day cake together with mom.

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How to Surprise a Dad by Jean Reagan

We love the idea of reading this story to little ones to help them brainstorm how to surprise their own dad! The author shows children surprising their dad with a variety of kind acts and services, like decorating the house with hearts or designing their own custom invention just for him!

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My Daddy Rules the World: Poems About Dads by Hope Anita Smith

This title is a perfect way to launch a poem-writing activity for preschoolers! We love that these poems are so relatable and about universal moments shared between fathers and their children. Plus, this book features fathers of a variety of skin colors and performing a wide range of tasks like cutting hair, playing guitar, cuddling in bed, etc.

Inclusive Children’s Books About Dads

It is so important to share stories with children that reflect their own lives or show how other people live. These books portray families from a variety of ethnic backgrounds & in various contexts, including families without fathers.

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My Dad by Susan Quinn

This ode to an awesome dad is spot on! We love that this dad is not super macho, driving race cars, or jetting across the country. He bakes, he gardens, and he spends quality time doting on his little one.

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My Papi Has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero

There are so few books that portray the bond between a father and daughter really well, especially enjoying a typically masculine activity together, like riding and working on motorcycles! Written in both English and Spanish, this book is a celebration of timeless childhood memories.

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Thunder Boy Jr. by Sherman Alexie

In this book about a contemporary Native American family, a young boy is frustrated about his unusual name – Thunder Boy Jr. Named after his father, he wants to be more than just his father’s son. He dreams up a variety of alternatives. Then, his dad helps him the perfect way to celebrate their unique names together.

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Visiting Day by Jacqueline Woodson

Although this book is rated for kindergarten and up, so many children are dealing with the challenges of having an incarcerated father. This book may offer a mirror to their experience that helps them feel less alone. Woodsen beautifully depicts the love and deep bond that exists even across distance.

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Love is a Family by Roma Downey

In some families, one parent takes on the role of two. This book takes on the difficult topic of feeling like your feeling is different or abnormal in some way. Lily struggles with the thought of taking just her mom to Family Fun Night. Then, she realizes that families can look very different and still be absolutely full of love.

Father’s Day Books for Preschoolers to Enjoy With Dad

If you’re looking for a book to read from father to child, here are three of our favorite options. There’s even a cookbook!

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Made for Me by Zack Bush

We adore the sweet and tender relationship between father and child in this book! It can be hard to find books from the father’s perspective about the love for their child and this one does is so well. It’s perfect for a heartwarming snuggle on Father’s Day or as a great before-bed read, too!

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Dad and Me – Fun in the Kitchen by Danielle Kartes

How fun would this cookbook be for Father’s Day? Created specifically for fathers and preschool-age children, this book would be a wonderful way to celebrate the day and make lasting memories at the same time!

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Daddy is My Hero by Dawn Richards

We love that this Father’s Day book shows dad spending quality time with his children as well as completing tasks by cooking, cleaning, and shopping. This makes the dad in the book even more relatable and shows that he can be a hero in everyday life!

Father’s Day Finger Painting Activity

After reading all of these books, your preschooler will be ready to celebrate Father’s Day! They can make this special card to show dad just how much they love him!

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