Letter T Craft for Father’s Day: T is for Tie

Inside: a letter T craft for preschoolers and soon-to-be kindergartners learning the alphabet and letter sounds. Includes a free printable template and worksheet!

completed letter T craft with "T is for Tie" glued above it. Image has the title "Father's Day Letter T Craft" and an orange circle with the text "Free Printable Template"

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Father’s Day is around the corner – can you believe it?! I just published a great book list of Father’s Day books for preschoolers, and I wanted to add an educational father’s day activity to go along with it.

This cute letter T craft is a fun way to work on beginning letter recognition. As you introduce this activity, you can teach your little ones about the letter T sound (like the word “tie”) and shape (like a tie!).

Plus, your preschoolers will get in some engaging fine motor skills work too.

Letter T Craft


We used stamp markers (I have these – affiliate) to make a pattern on these letter T crafts. Teach your kids how to rock the stamper to get the complete shape onto the paper. If that is too challenging, they could use a dot dabber or any other stamp instead.

Here’s everything you’ll need:

  • Stamp markers or alternative
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Colored paper
  • Printed template (see below)

Instructions Using the Template

Using the template definitely gives you the most adorable results!

Kids can stamp right on their copy of the template – no need for you to trace and cut ahead of time. Note, there’s also a worksheet version, which you can scroll down to see.

  1. Start by having your little ones stamp the tie and knot shape with stamper markers or other stamps.
closeup of a stamp marker that has just stamped onto paper

2. Continue until you have filled in the whole letter T to your satisfaction.

in process letter t craft showing the template partially stamped.

3. Next, cut out the letter T, the knot shape, and the title.

partially cut out template

4. If you want to add a little dimension to the tie, glue down some folded scrap paper before gluing on the knot. (This step is optional.)

shows folded paper glued down under where the knot shape will be glued.

5. Finally, glue everything down onto your colored paper. Don’t forget to write the child’s name on the page!

completed craft cut out and glued onto blue background paper

How to Use the Worksheet Version

The worksheet version is pretty similar. However, it’s set up to be freestanding instead of cutting out and gluing onto colored paper at the end. The knot shapes are on a separate page. It’s not quite as fancy, but still super cute!

Letter t worksheet in process of being stamped. Knot shape is loose on the side, ready to be glued down soon.

Get the Free Printable Letter Craft

It was a little fiddly getting the proportions of the tie and tie knot just right. So I created a printable to make your prep super easy.

To get your very own copy, you can sign up right here:

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    completed letter T craft next to stamp markers, glue stick, and scissors

    More Stamp Marker Printables

    If your kids love stamp markers, they may also like my spring stamp marker worksheets here on the blog. Or, check out the stamp marker worksheets over in my shop.

    free alphabet worksheet - C for caterpillar

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