Water Bottle Flipping Kids Valentine Cards {Free Printable}

If you have kids who’ve been swept up in the water bottle flipping craze, this is the Valentine card for them! My tween has been known to try his hand at bottle flipping, and so we made up these crazy straw kids Valentine cards for him to give to his classmates.

Free printable kids valentine cards - perfect for tweens who love water bottle flipping

Kids Valentine Cards

I’ve been thinking about the kids’ Valentine’s Day cards and boxes for a few weeks now. It’s easy to do when every time I walk into a store I’m assaulted by *all the cute things*!

For the girls, I bought heart shaped crazy straws and printed off girly Valentine tags to go with them. Right away, they started cutting them out and signing their names.

Last year I made an awesome Pete the Cat Valentine box. It was pretty much all my doing. This year, both girls wanted to make their boxes all by themselves. They worked for hours, with adorable results. I posted Sophie’s panda on instagram, if you’re curious.

Water Bottle Flipping Kids Valentine Cards

Liam, on the other hand, brushed me off every time I mentioned cards. He just wasn’t that interested. Finally, yesterday, he realized that he was going to need something. I think his teacher had finally talked to the class about their Valentine’s party, and he figured out that 4th grade is not too cool for that kind of thing!

So last night at dinner, we brainstormed. I wanted to find an idea he could get excited about. It was also a good way to connect with him about what he’s into lately.

Recently, he’s told me all about water bottle flipping. Of all the crazy things, right?! (I’ve also seen the funny memes about it from teachers’ points of view …which makes me glad I’m not still teaching 5th or 6th grade.)

Anyway, I threw out the idea of making a water bottle flipping Valentine card, and he liked that. We decided we’d use crazy straws …because who wants to give water bottles as class Valentines!

Free printable kids valentine cards - perfect for tweens who love water bottle flipping

Free Printable Crazy Straw Valentines

After the kids went to bed last night, I whipped these up. They’re too cute not to share here, don’t you think? I just hope they don’t encourage my son’s friends to do TOO much water bottle flipping!

Grab your copy of the free printable HERE.

If you’re still looking for ideas, you might like to check out the fun silly straw Valentine tag my friend Shannon at Joy in the Works made.

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Free printable valentines cards for kids - perfect for tweens who love water bottle flipping




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