Lemonade Summer Letter Sounds Matching {Free Printable}

This printable letter sound matching activity has a lemonade theme that’s perfect for summer! Whether you have preschoolers who are eager to work ahead, or rising kindergartners who need to catch up this summer, this hands-on summer letter sounds activity is a lot of fun.

cutout letter sound printable with an alligator and "ice cubes" with the letter A and a on them

My kids love having a lemonade stand every year, and I love what a great learning experience that is. With that in mind, I thought I’d extend the theme of lemonade with some literacy activities for you this summer.

Summer Letter Sounds Activity

I’m excited to share this cute, free printable letter sounds activity with you!

You can print out a “glass” of lemonade and “ice cubes” for every letter of the alphabet. Then, your children can look at the picture printed on each glass and find the uppercase and lowercase letters that match the initial sounds.

fingers holding a paper cutout "ice cube" with the letter A printed on it and letter sound lemonade printables in the background

You can print these out full size, which gives you two “glasses” and four “ice cubes” per page. Or, you can print them out at half size, which gives you four glasses per page.

Cutting out each glass looks extra fancy, but you can also just take the quick route and cut them out as cards.

4 lemonade letter sound cards and matching letter "ice cube" cutouts

Activity Extension Ideas

You don’t need to stick only to one activity. Try one of these ideas too:

  • Create a summer letter sounds sensory bin for these – try white sand “sugar” and plastic toy lemons along with the printable pieces.
  • Incorporate the letter sound cards into your lemonade stand dramatic play area.
  • Print two sets of half-size cards and play concentration with them. Add the ice cube letters to matched pairs.
  • Hold up a few cards during circle time or small group lessons and have the children say the sounds and help you find the matching letters.

Grab Your Free Printable Letter Sounds Activity

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Preparation & Printing Tips

If you’ll be laminating these, you can probably get away with printing them on regular paper. If not, you may want to print them on cardstock or tagboard.

The pdf file is meant to be opened with Adobe Reader. If you want to print out 4 glasses per page, instead of 2, click print and then choose the following settings in the print dialogue menu that pops up:

  • Under Page Size & Handling click Multiple
  • For Pages Per Sheet click the dropdown menu and choose 2
  • Under Orientation, click Auto-rotate

You may want to print out only selected letters that your kids are working on this summer. Or, especially if you’re planning to laminate these, you may like to prepare the entire alphabet.

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